Bikers’ Rally from Bengaluru to Madikeri to Promote Green Awareness

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Madikeri: Kodagu had for centuries been a green paradise. Over the centuries, it caught the greedy eyes of different reigns and powers.

While the different powers-that-be at least did not do any harm to the environment, today, in the name of development and tourism promotion, it is being denuded of its rich forests and water resources.

As a handful of individuals and forums have been crying hoarse over the colossal destruction of nature, the process continues, nevertheless. What seems to the crying need of the hour is a concerted effort on the part of all organizations and individuals.

As part of promoting awareness about the need to conserve river Cauvery as the lifeline supporting the population on and around its banks and basin, two eco-conscious biking clubs and environmental activists from Bengaluru have planned to ride to Coorg (Kodagu) on April 23.

The motive is to pay tribute to the trees in the district which nurture and sustain the Cauvery river, which is also Bengaluru’s main source for water.

The organizers say that their work, families and the whole way of life were strongly attached to river Cauvery.

The riding clubs taking part in the rally are Bengaluru Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club and Free Spirits Motorcycle Club

Programme at Madikeri

These tree-loving bikers, led by leading environmentalist Ravi Chengappa of Kaveri Sene, will meet the the chief conservator of forests in Kodagu at the Aranya Bhavan, Madikeri.

Thereafter they will meet the deputy commissioner of Kodagu and hand over a memorandum to him seeking protection for the trees of Kodagu.

They will discuss the high temperatures, erratic rainfall and how the ecological cost of continued tree loss would be too high to bear for both Kodagu and Bengaluru.

Their charter of demands

– Stop felling of trees on both revenue and forest land
– Plant fruit-bearing tree saplings in the forests
– Support NGOs working for the protection of river Cauvery
– Stop the laying of new railway line to Kodagu
– Withdraw unnecessary expansion of roads in Kodagu, instead, simply maintain existing roads in vehicle-worthy condition.
– Ensure that succeeding generations get to enjoy Cauvery water

Those who think similarly can ride up or show up at the following venues.

Kodava Samaj, Mysuru
Aranya Bhavan, Madikeri
DC’s office, Madikeri

The Kaveri Sene and Kodavaame are organizing the event, which is also supported by the Kodava Samajas in Bengaluru, Mysuru and Madikeri, besides Coorg Wildlife Society.

(with inputs from Sundar Muthanna Pattamada)

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Sundar Muthanna
8 years ago

As twin connected ecologies Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada both lose when deforestation happens. I hope Mangaloreans will raise their voice against tree felling and the railway to Kodagu.

Deepak Devaiah
8 years ago

Thank you for highlighting this ride, as this will help us reach out and increase the numbers for the event.