Bishop Aloysius Celebrates Thanksgiving Mass on New Year 2017 Eve

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Bishop Aloysius Celebrates Thanksgiving Mass on New Year 2017 Eve

Mangaluru: With only a few hours to say Goodbye to 2016, the Christian fraternity in the city gathered in their respective churches on December 31, to give thanks to the Lord for all the Blessings.

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At the Rosario Cathedral, the adoration of the Holy Sacrament was held at 6:00 pm followed by mass at 7:00 pm.

The Thanksgiving mass was celebrated by the Bishop of Mangaluru Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza along with other priests at the Rosario Cathedral.

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Assistant Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr Rockey, in his homily said, “Every parent wants their children to be successful in their life. Some parents want their children to become doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and so on. Accordingly, they teach their children the values in life. Whoever listens to their parents will be successful in their life. Good luck and bad luck is in God’s hand. Whatever happens in our life it is the will of God and we have to accept it. He further said that every year when the New Year starts we bring new calendars at home, but there is another calendar that is our life and it is in God’s hand and he has written the date, time and year of good luck and bad luck in our life. We came to this world to see the white face and blue face of God. He is our heavenly father and he knows everything about us. We have to keep our faith in God and accept the good luck and bad luck in our life”.

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In his New year message Bishop Dr Aloysius said, “We are welcoming the “New Year 2017″, I wish you all the success in the coming year. Let the Good Lord protect you all. When we start the new year, I call all the Parents to concentrate on their children. Pray together and through prayer feel the presence of God. If you pray together, God will bless you all and peace and unity will be in your family. When you pray together in the family, your children will grow with discipline”.

While concluding the Bishop said, “We need to recall the past year of whatever we have done and what we have failed to do. If we have failed to perform our duty well, God has given us one more year to repent and be a renewed person. I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful New year 2017.”

Thanksgiving masses were held in all the churches in the district.

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