Bishop Aloysius Unveils Prayer Card of 10th NYC of ICYM

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Bishop Aloysius Unveils Prayer Card of 10th NYC of ICYM

Mangaluru: The prayer card of the 10th National Youth Convention of Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM), was released by the Bishop Dr Aloysius D’Souza, at the Bishop’s house here on September 3.

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Later the Bishop along with other dignitaries showered flower petals on the portrait of Mother Teresa, who will be canonized on September 4, by the Pope.

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Speaking on the occasion the Bishop said, “For the success of any programme we need God’s blessings. Youths are the future of the country. If the youths are involved in religious programmes and start their programmes giving importance to prayers they will surely be successful in their mission.”

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Bishop further said that on September 4, Pope Francis will declare Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata a saint at the Vatican. Mother Teresa was popularly known as a living saint as she served the poor and the dying. When she was taking care of the dying and the sick, she had been criticized but she took everything as a challenge and continued her mission. For her humanitarian service, she had been awarded the Nobel peace prize.

Targeting the youth, Bishop Aloysius said that we all should follow in the footsteps of Mother Teresa because she served the people with love. We all should respect one another forgetting caste, creed and religion, we are all children of God. Mother Teresa is our role model, she taught us to serve the sick and the dying with love and compassion. Let Mother Teresa’s life be our inspiration to serve the poor and the dying in the society.

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Advisor M P Noronha and Ashwin Pereira also spoke on the occasion. General Secretary Ancita delivered the vote of thanks. Director ICYM Fr Ronald D’Souza and others were also present.

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  1. What a fine and deserving tribute of love and affection for Saint Mother Theresa who has visited Mangalore so many times, and we were able to meet her twice. Saint Mother Theresa loved Mangalore because she physically witnessed the kindness and nobility of many people of Mangalore dedicating so much towards the needy causes of many others regardless of the faith or language. Saint Mother Theresa saw the kindness, generosity and hard work of so many nuns and priests working so closely with the Bishop and the Diocese and dedicating themselves selflessly towards so many deserving causes.

    Saint Mother Theresa will always have her close attention towards Mangalore and save us from all other calamities and protect us in our daily needs. In a country such as India, Saint Mother Theresa does not have to make many miracles. All that she has to pray and bless India in general and Mangalore in particular so that we enjoy our daily peace and harmony by working together and helping each other. These blessings are more valuable than any blessings, and we hope Saint Mother Theresa will remain with in all our daily journey of life.

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