BJP Corporators Question Mayor’s Qualification and Dream Project ‘Clock Tower’

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BJP Corporators Question Mayor’s Qualification and her Dream Project ‘Clock Tower’ during MCC Meeting

Mangaluru: The opposition corporator Ganesh Hosabettu questioned the mayor on her qualification during the Council meeting held at the Mangala hall here on February 28.

BJP corporator and former Mayor Ganesh Hosabettu questioned the mayor to reveal her educational qualification and said that while elected as the Mayor of MCC, Kavitha Sanil had mentioned that she has passed her Pre- University education through correspondence. But when the member of 29th ward Naveen Chandra K applied for RTI seeking Kavitha Sanil’s educational qualification the school authorities have provided information that Kavitha Sanil has not completed her 10th standard. During the press meets Kavitha Sanil has said that she was a graduate and was fooling the people. People of Mangaluru are confused about the educational qualification of the Mayor and we need to know the educational qualification of Mayor Kavitha”.

Responding to Ganesh Hosabettu’s question, Mayor Kavitha Sanil said, “I have the answer for all your questions. To become a Mayor we need good communication skills and good knowledge of administration which I possess. It is a personal matter and should not be discussed in the council. I am asking on what basis you (Ganesh) are proving that I have not completed my SSLC. To give good governance there is no need for higher education. I have all the documents in this regard but this is not the right place to discuss my qualifications. Today we are here to discuss the development work. In all the 11 meetings which were held in 11 months, the opposition did not allow even 1 meeting to go on smoothly. This is the 12th meeting and you (Opposition) have proved that you are not interested in any development work, you are only interested in some one’s personal life and to degrade them.”

When BJP corporator asked the question most of the Congress corporators opposed it and said that the BJP corporators have the habit of degrading others. The BJP corporators have shown their attitude in the council meeting by questioning the Mayor of her qualification. The congress corporator Vinayraj said that the BJP corporators are busy in probing the Mayor’s personal life. They are not giving importance to any development work nor are they interested in allowing discussions related to the development work. They only know to object any development work being carried out.”

Later the opposition corporators questioned the Mayor about her dream project, the Clock Tower asking her what was the need to spend Rs 90 lakh for the clock tower which is more expensive than the CM’s watch. Responding to the allegations by the opposition councillors, Mayor said, the clock tower is not as expensive as the PM’s suit. It was my dream project to construct the Clock Tower because it has a history. In olden days people from outside the district or state while coming to Mangaluru would recognize the place because of the clock tower. If the clock tower does not come under the smart city project or MCC, I will somehow request the government to provide funds to complete the work. The smart city meeting will be held in Bengaluru on March 2, and I will put forth the Clock Tower project in the meeting. If the project will not be sanctioned under the smart city project, I will request the MCC to sanction the funds. If the MCC cannot provide the funds, I will request the government. But Clock Tower project will be completed at any cost,” she assured.

The opposition corporators raised the Ashraya housing scheme issue and said that out of the 1100 beneficiaries, 170 beneficiaries were deprived of the scheme. Why did the MLA of South constituency discriminate in providing houses to those 170 beneficiaries? Responding to the question, officer Malini Rodrigues clarified that out of 1100, we have finalized 930 beneficiaries who have provided proper documents. Those applications that have been rejected without proper documents will get the houses in the second phase of the scheme once the documents they have submitted will be scrutinized. Some applications were rejected due to lack of documents, Aadhar or some people have applied in the name of the dead. For those who have applied for housing with clear documents, MLA J R Lobo has assured them of providing houses.”

Corporator Appi said, BJP MLA Yogish Bhat was in power for 25 years but he has not provided a single house to the beneficiaries. On what basis are the BJP corporators arguing about Ashraya scheme? Before questioning let them ask Yogish Bhat how many houses he has provided during his tenure as MLA?”.

Mayor Kavitha Sanil said, “It is a very good project and the poor people are getting houses under the Ashraya scheme. Instead of supporting this scheme the BJP corporators are playing politics during the council meeting. I will complete my tenure this week, this is my last meeting. From the next meeting, I will sit as a corporator and raise questions”.

The opposition did not allow the Mayor to discuss the development work, they just turned the Mangala hall into a fish market with a lot of noise. The last council meeting too ended without any discussion on any development work.

Deputy Mayor Rajaneesh Kapikad and MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazir were also present.

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