BJP Demands arrest of 3 Named in Ganapathi Suicide case

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BJP Demands CBI Investigation and arrest of 3 Named in Ganapathi Suicide case

Mangaluru: District BJP president Sanjeev Matandoor held a press meet at the BJP office here, on July 8.

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Addressing the media persons, Sanjeev Matandoor said that DySP Ganapathi was a transparent and honest police officer who had served in many police stations. He had served as a Sub-Inspector in Puttur and later served in Ullal and Mangaluru. On July 7, he committed suicide. “A police officer committing suicide is a sign of the failure of the state government. Before committing suicide, Ganapathi had gone to a local media and revealed the names of former Home minister and two police officers,” he said.

Sanjeev Matandoor further said that the suicide of M K Ganapathi is evidence of the interference of politicians in the Police Department. “Ganapathi’s suicide case should be handed over to the CBI and all the three individuals that he had named should be arrested”.

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He also said, “Due to the harassment and interference of politicians, DySP Anupama Shenoy resigned from her job. Five days ago, Chikkamagaluru DySP Kallappa Handibag committed suicide. In Mysuru, DC Shikha was mentally tortured with threats by Siddaramaiah’s close associate Mari Gowda. In various departments of Karnataka, politicians have been interfering and this leads to resignation, murder, and suicide.”

“From Police officer Bande to DySP Ganapathi, there have been various suicides, murders, and resignations which indicate the failure of the Home ministry. Law and order have collapsed in the State. The BJP will not tolerate atrocities on police officers. In the coming days, we will protest in all 8 constituencies of the district. We will support the police officers and morally strengthen them.”

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Matandoor also said, “The district has been looted by the sand mafia, cow traffickers, and wood mafia. During the extension of the cabinet, the chief minister dropped two ministers of our district from the cabinet which is an insult to our district and a drawback to its development.”

When asked why the BJP did not protest or raise a voice when Vinayak Baliga was murdered, Matandoor replied that the party members had visited Baliga’s house and consoled the family members. “We want peace in the society and one cannot take law in their hands.”

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When questioned about the BJP’s involvement in Kallappa suicide case, Matandoor said, “The case should be investigated. All those who are involved should be punished.”

Matandoor also said that Ganapathi had mentioned the former home minister’s name. “If the case is handed over to the CBI, the investigation will be in done properly,” he added.

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