‘BJP has Knowledge ONLY of Jail Life & NOT that of Villagers Life’ – MLC Ivan D’souza

‘BJP has Knowledge ONLY of Jail Life & NOT that of Villagers Life’ – MLC Ivan D’souza

Mangaluru: On Tuesday, 25 June Opposition leader MLC Kota Srinivas Pooajary during a press meet in Mangaluru lashing at CM Kumaraswamy had said, “The CM’s visit and stay in a village, is a zero achievement and waste of public money. When Kumaraswamy was chief minister in 2006, he started the initiative of village stay-then he stayed at 43 villages but no development ever took place in these villages. And now once again he has planned his stay in a village, to interact with the villagers and promise them developments, but this is nothing but political drama. Why the state government was not releasing the report on the social and economic survey conducted by the previous Congress-led state govt. The state government had totally failed to carry out drought relief measures in the state. There is an acute shortage of drinking water. Fodder banks are not opened. The chief minister’s village stay is not being of any help other than increasing the cost burden on the treasury,”.

Tit-for-tat, in a befitting reply to Kota Srinivas Poojary’s comments on CM and state government, MLC and CM’s Parliamentary Secretary Ivan D’souza lashing out at MLC Kota during a press meet held at his office in MCC building said, “These BJP leaders have only the thorough knowledge and experience of jail life, they are absolutely zero in any knowledge pertaining to the life of villagers. Our CM is used to village life and he has the experience in mingling with the villagers and helping them out in the developments in the village”

“Kota’s comments on CM are absolutely baseless. Who said that the coalition government is not doing any development projects. Congress govt has done more projects and achievements in the state, than BJP Yeddyurappa. Therefore MLC Kota should stop making baseless allegations against the CM and the state government. Also even though Kadaba, Moodbidri, Mulky, and Ullal taluks have been formed, but until now no one has been given responsibility to head it, therefore by next month concerned person in charge will be assigned. Our Government is still alive and not dead as BJP blabbers about, and we are finishing all the developmental works as promised” added MLC Ivan.

Also during the press meet, MLC Ivan handed over cheques worth Rs 9,56,542 to 22 persons for their hospital expenses towards various illness they all had.

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