BJP involved in Horse Trading – Vinay Kumar Sorake

BJP involved in Horse Trading – Vinay Kumar Sorake

Udupi: BJP is involved in horse-trading which is against the principles of the Constitution. The BJP leaders are making attempts to gain power through the backdoor. However, the disgruntled MLAs should not fall prey to the BJP’s false assurances. They should return immediately to save the coalition government, said Former Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake.

He was speaking at a protest meeting held by the District Congress at the War Memorial on July 10, 2019, against the BJP’s role in destabilizing the coalition government.

The BJP leaders including BJP national president Amith Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Piyush Goel are busy with horse-trading. The BJP is spending huge amounts of money to poach the Congress party and JD(S) MLAs. He alleged that with the backing of the parties central leaders, BJP leaders in the State are involved in ‘Operation Lotus. They are luring the Congress and JD(S) legislators in an attempt to dissolve the government.

BJP should immediately stop its illegal operations and work as a creative and a constructive opposition party, he demanded.

Coming down heavily on the BJP Sorake said that it was the saffron party which forced the MLAs to quit. “Who arranged the flight for them? Who arranged them the accommodation in a start hotel? Who ensured tight police security?” he questioned.

“B S Yeddyurappa is power-hungry and has been purchasing the MLAs from the Congress and JD(S). The BJP is insulting democracy. Why are MLAs from Congress confined to a resort?”

BJP is trying to dislodge the government by poaching legislators from the ruling party. “The actions of the BJP leaders have posed a threat to the democratic set-up,” he said.

District Congress president Ashok Kumar Kodavoor, Vice president Prakyath Shetty, District Youth Congress president Vishwas Ameen, Women Congress President Geetha Wagle, Congress Leaders Harish Kini, Roshni Olivera, Nagesh Udyavar, Dr Sunitha Shetty, Kiran Kumar Udyavara, Sarala Kanchan, Sunil D Bangera, Sarasu Bangera, Prashanth Jattanna, Kishan Hegde Kolakebailu and others were present.