BJP is not Bad, Congress Party is the Best but..- Janardhan Poojary

BJP is not Bad, Congress Party is the Best but..- Janardhan Poojary

Mangaluru: “In the coming MCC elections the people will give their judgment. I have advised the party leaders to change their strategy. If they have little sense, they would have listened to me. They will suffer in the MCC Elections. On November 14, the leaders of the Congress party will weep. I say that the Congress Party is the best and BJP is not bad either”, said the senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the Press Club here on November 8.

Responding to a question posed by Journalists about the funds’ Rs 5300 crore to the Mangaluru City Corporation, Janardhan Poojary said, “It is a lie that Siddaramaiah has released funds of Rs 5300 to the MCC. Instead of me answering the question I will ask former Mayor Ajith Kumar Rai, Vijay Kumar Shetty and Tharanath Kallige to reply.”

Tharanath Kallige said, “According to me J R Lobo when he was the MLA of South Constituency had brought Rs 1800 crore for the development work from the state government led by CM Siddaramaiah, I was with J R Lobo when the work was going, now also the work of some of the projects is going on and the BJP MLAs are cutting the ribbon and inaugurating the projects. I do not know how much funds the state government has sanctioned for the Mangaluru City Corporation. MLA J R Lobo and Moideen Bava are the right persons to explain the facts”.

Taranath Kallige also said, “Some of the Congress leaders are resigning from the party as they did not get the seat to contest the MCC elections. INTUC leader Shashiraj Ambat and Purandar also have resigned. Because of confusion in the distribution of seats many leaders are unhappy. The Congress leaders did not consult Janardhan Poojary”.

When asked about the Support from JD(S) to BJP, if the BJP does not get the majority, Poojary said, “We will wait for the statement of Deve Gowda. People do not trust politicians, they don’t even trust Janardhan Poojary. In the coming days, people will not trust any political leader including me”.

Responding to a question on Poojary’s loyalty to the Congress party and on giving negative statements favouring the BJP”, Poojary said, “Who is talking negatively about the Congress Party? Let the BJP win. BJP is not a bad party, but Congress is the best party, Congress leaders have brought down the party. Congress leaders don’t know what to speak and what to do? If Congress does not understand how to face the situation, the party will be finished, I will also be finished. People are not fools. On November 14, the DCC president will cry, he will not get proper sleep”.

When asked about the District In-charge Minister, Kota Srinivas Poojary’s proposal not to allow Bars and Resturants to be named after the Gods, Janardhan Poojary said, Srinivas Poojary is right. Why are the owners keeping the names of Gods for their Bar and Resturants? Why are God’s names being misused, let them keep their names or change their names if their names are connected to God’s names?

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