BJP Leaders Trying to Glorify Nathuram Godse: M A Gafoor

BJP Leaders Trying to Glorify Nathuram Godse: M A Gafoor

Udupi: “BJP leaders are describing Nathuram Godse, the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi (the father of the nation), as a true nationalist. This is an insult to the country and an attack on Gandhi’s ideology. By glorifying Nathuram Godse, BJP is trying to create clashes between people” said Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee M A Gafoor at a protest meet held at the Congress Bhavan, Udupi here, on May 18.

Addressing the gathering Gafoor said, “Mahatma Gandhi, who preached the message of peace to the whole world, showed that the country could be freed using the principle of ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence. The whole world sees him in a respectful manner, but unfortunately some of the BJP leaders are trying to glorify Nathuram Godse instead. Godse was a killer; glorifying him is not patriotism, it is sedition. This is a part of BJP’s conspiracy to scorn at and insult the principles laid down by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi gave his life for the country. But his killer is being seen as some kind of God. If Godse is being hailed as a patriot, one can imagine the kind of ideology the BJP is spreading. If Godse is a patriot, then what is Gandhi?”

Udupi District Congress President Ashok Kumar Kodavoor, Vice President Prakyath Shetty, KPCC secretary Veronica Cornelio, Murali Shetty, Congress leaders Bhaskar Rao, Sarala Kanchan, Sunitha Shetty, Ramesh Kanchan, Yathish Karkera, and others were present.

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