BJP Stages Protest, Demands Resignation of CM Kumaraswamy – Live

BJP Stages Protest, Demands Resignation of CM Kumaraswamy

Mangaluru: The Bharatiya Janata Party staged a protest demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Kumaraswamy in front of the DC office here on July 9.

Addressing the protesters Capt Ganesh Karnik said, “The coalition government is in the neonatal care unit. Before the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited various countries but his government was stable. In CM Kumaraswamy’s case, he went to America only for five days and his chair has broken. Most of the ministers from the coalition government have resigned but the shameless CM is still hanging on to the chair.”

Capt Ganesh Karnik further said, “In the Assembly elections the people of the state did not give their votes to the Congress or JD(S). They wanted a stable government in the state and voted for the BJP. In the last Assembly elections, the JD(S) and Congress formed the government. From the past 1 year and 3 months, there has been no development in the state. Rahul Gandhi has resigned from the post of party President but the Congress leaders are not allowing him to get down. He has taken the right decision by resigning from AICC President’s post”.

Karnik also said, “In the recent Lok Sabha elections the people of the country believed in Modi and voted for the BJP. The Congress and the JD(S) have lost their credibility. Even in the Assembly elections, JD(S) won only a few seats but Kumaraswamy was power-hungry to become the CM. Former PM Devegowda, his son Kumaraswamy and his family members think that the state is their ancestor’s property. If CM Kumaraswamy has a real concern for the people and the development of the state let him resign from the post.”

Addressing the protesters former MLA Yogish Bhat said, “The coalition government in the state is in the ventilator. All the ministers have resigned but Kumaraswamy has not yet resigned. Even though the government is not stable, they are thinking of finalizing the deal of 3600 acres of land with Jindal. Fifteen days ago Siddaramaiah met Rahul Gandhi and said, “If we continue with the coalition government it will not survive for long. Whereas Devegowda met Sonia Gandhi recently and said that Siddaramaiah wants to become the CM and he is stabbing in the back to destabilize the government. Devegowda wants Kharge to become the CM”.

BJP leaders Monappa Bhandary, Rahim Uchil, Capt Brijesh Chowta, Roopa D Bangera and others were also present.

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