BJP sweeps all four ULBs in Udupi District

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BJP sweeps all four ULBs in Udupi District

Udupi: The Bharathiya Janatha Party wrested the Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) from the Indian National Congress which ruled the local body in the last term.

In the results of the elections announced on Monday, the BJP won 31 seats in the 35-member council. The Congress succeeded to win only 4 seats. In 2013 election, BJP had won 12 seats, the Congress 22 seats and one seat was won by an independent candidate.

The BJP and its earlier avatar Jan Sangh had been in power since 1968 in Udupi Town Municipal Council (TMC), which later became CMC. After 50 years the BJP has again come to power in the Udupi CMC.

In Karkala TMC the BJP and Congress have won 11 seats each and one seat has gone to an Independent candidate. In the Kundapur TMC BJP has won 14 seats, Congress 8 seats and one for the Independent.

In the 14-member Saligrama Town Panchayat, the BJP won 10 seats against the 5 seats won by the Congress and one seat for the Independent.

Counting of Urban Local Body elections Begin in Udupi District

Pics By Allister Pinto, Attur

Udupi Municipality 

BJP -31

Congresss – 4

Karkala Town Municipality

Congress -11

BJP -11

Independent – 1

Kundpaur Town Municipality 

BJP – 14

Congress – 8

Independent – 1

Saligrama Town Panchayath 

BJP – 10

Congress -5

Independent – 1

Udupi: The Counting of Urban Local Body elections including the Udupi CMC, Saligrama Town Panchayat, Kundapur Municipal Council and Karkala Town Municipal Council began at 8:00 am on Monday, September 3.

The four urban local bodies in the district have a total of 97 wards of which 35 wards are in Udupi CMC, 16 in Saligrama Town Panchayat, 23 in Karkala Town Municipal Council and 23 wards in Kundapur Town Municipal Council.

The Udupi district recorded 70.3% polling in the Urban Local Body elections held on Friday. Udupi CMC recorded 68.52%, Saligrama Town Panchayat — 75.26%, Kundapur Town Municipal Council — 73.81% and Karkala Town Municipal Council — 71.1%.

A total of 261 contestants are in the fray in the polls held for the four urban local bodies in the district. In Udupi CMC, there are 35 wards and 91 candidates contesting the polls. In Kundapur Town Municipal Council, there are 23 wards and 68 candidates contesting. As many as 56 candidates are contesting for 23 wards in Karkala Town Municipal Council polls and in 16 wards of Saligrama Town Panchayat, 46 candidates are in the fray.

Team Mangalorean is all set to give live updates of the vote count to its readers from Udupi.

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