BJP’s False Propaganda will Bring Victory to Congress in MCC Elections 

BJP’s False Propaganda will Bring Victory to Congress in MCC Elections 

Mangaluru: “The false propaganda by the BJP will bring victory to the Congress party in the MCC elections. The people of Mangaluru will give a befitting reply to the false propaganda of BJP in the MCC elections. The BJP did not contribute to the development of Mangaluru. If Mangaluru is been developed and identified globally it is because of the development work done by the Congress government. The former Congress MLAs through various projects brought funds for the development work for the Mangaluru city. The BJP MLAs were busy cutting ribbons and inaugurating our projects but now from 3 months, now the BJP MLAs are not getting any new projects to inaugurate”, said the former minister U T Khader in a press meet held at the DCC office here on November 9.

Addressing the mediapersons U T Khader said, “From the past 3 months we are not seeing any inauguration because after the BJP came to power, the government is unable to release any funds for the development of Mangaluru city. when the coalition government was in power, we had released Rs 125 crore for the development of the MCC. The BJP has now completed 100 days, why they did not launch new development projects in 100 days? The BJP has also failed to implement the schemes which the Coalition government had sanctioned. The people of Mangaluru had once elected the BJP to power in the MCC elections and had faced the consequences. So they later did not vote for them. In this MCC elections, the people of Mangaluru will surely vote for the Congress candidates”.

U T Khader further said, “The BJP government is imposing a penalty for the food too. The common people are living in tension because they impose a penalty for the people who have BPL card. If the BJP government impose the penalty to the BPL cardholders and now they are planning to send court notice. If the BJP government will send court notice, Congress will not sit quiet. The present government is treating the common man as an enemy. Ayushman Karnataka scheme is totally failed and the common man has no knowledge to get the Ayushman scheme.”

U T Khader also said, “The former MLAs Moideen Bava and J R Lobo brought special grants and carried out development work in Mangaluru. Now the BJP government is not bothered to release any funds for the development work of Mangaluru city.

When asked about the verdict of Ayodhya U T Khader said, “We welcome the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya. This is the verdict of the entire country and all have unitedly welcomed it. Those who politicise this verdict are the traitors. Let our children live happily. This verdict has been given for the unity and brotherhood of the country”.

When asked about the statement given by the senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary that BJP is not bad and Congress is the best party, U T Khader said, “BJP is very bad Janardhan Poojary himself had taught me that BJP is a bad party. Janardhan Poojary is my political guru and I respect him. During my student life I had heard from Janardhan Poojary himself about BJP, he had even explained to us about the Gujarat incident. Congress is really the best party and the entire country is aware of it”.

DCC President Harish Kumar, Suraj, Mohammed Monu, Nithyanand Shetty and others were also present.

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