BJP’s Kamal Mitras to connect with women voters in UP

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BJP’s Kamal Mitras to connect with women voters in UP
Lucknow: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will, once again, deploy more than 8,000 dedicated women campaigners, referred to as ‘Kamal Mitras’, to connect with women voters in Uttar Pradesh.

These Kamal Mitras will make women aware about 15 women-centric schemes of the Central government.

Trained to impart details of the schemes in nine languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odiya, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali, the ‘Kamal Mitras’ are expected to help the party reach out to around 7.15 crore women voters.

These Kamla Mitras were registered through a website during an extensive nationwide drive of BJP’s ‘Mahila Morcha’ between May and December 2023.

Suchita Pathak Kakkad, State In-Charge of BJP’s Kamal Mitras campaign, said, “We have enrolled nearly 8,000 Kamal Mitras in all 80 Lok Sabha constituencies of Uttar Pradesh. The wing takes feedback from women — whether they are benefited by the schemes, if not then why, and gives them information about the eligibility and documents required to get scheme benefits, etc.”

She added that a US-based company designed the app of Kamal Mitras.

Anyone can get registered on the portal by feeding their mobile number and One Time Password generated on their numbers.

To become certified Kamal Mitras, the applicants are required to go through video training sessions on the portal.

The website provides video training sessions on all 15 women-centric schemes of the government one by one. After the sessions, applicants must go through an objective test of 35 questions about the schemes.

“One can proceed with the sessions, one by one, only after successfully completing the previous one. One cannot skip a session and there is no option to fast forward it. An applicant, one can go back and see it again if anything is not clear. One will have to take the final test having questions regarding schemes after completing all 15 sessions, after which the certificate of being Kamal Mitra will be issued,” said Kakkad.

Kaynat Kazi, member of National Executive Council of Mahila Morcha, said the Kamla Mitra campaign was the vision of Mahlia Morcha National President, Vanathi Srinivasan, and the top leadership to connect with women.

“The training also focused on how to combat Opposition propaganda against the BJP,” she added.

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