Black Money Holders Can now carry Money in Suitcases – Ivan during Akrosh Divas

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Black Money Holders Can now carry Money in Suitcases – Ivan during Akrosh Divas

Mangaluru: The District Congress members observed “Akrosh Divas”, in front of the Gandhi Statue near Town Hall here on November 28 against the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes which has put the poor people in great trouble.

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Addressing the protesters Interim President of DK congress committee Kodijal Ibrahim said, “The sudden announcement of Demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes have put the common man in great trouble. Without proper preparations, Modi had announced the demonetization of notes on November 8. After 20 days of the move, people are still standing in the queue to withdraw their hard earned money. More than 100 people have lost their lives while standing in the queue to withdraw their money. DK Congress committee condemns the move made by the Prime minister and demands compensation to those who have lost their lives”.

Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza said, “We the Congress party workers are observing “Akrosh Divas” against the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. On November 8, at around 8:00 pm, when Modi had announced that, for the development of the country and to bring back the black money he is demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. But after 20 days the poor people are still standing in the queue to withdraw their hard earned money. Modi had said, “Give me 100 days, I will get the black money back from the Swiss bank and credit Rs 15 Lakh to the account of each citizen”. Before demonetizing the notes the BJP people have invested all the money in gold and property. Now the BJP people are celebrating the day as “Sambramacharane”. Let they go and ask the fisherwomen, small groceries, and auto drivers, how they are suffering because of demonetization. If anyone goes to the fish market, are they paying through credit card, when police fine the motorists, will they accept the credit card? Why then did Modi not think about the poor before monetizing the currency notes”.

He further said, “Modi has demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and printed currency of bigger denominations. Earlier black money holders were carrying money in sacks now they can carry it in suitcases. Demonetization has only helped the rich people and not the poor. In the country, 21 crore people have opened bank accounts through Jan Dhan, out of the 21 crores how many have received money in their account. The bank authorities have cancelled some of the accounts saying that their account was not active for 6 months. The rich people are not standing in the queue instead, the poor who are standing in the queue have died. Those who have thus died should get a minimum of Rs 1 crore compensation”, he said.

Sashidhar Hegde, Kavitha Sanil, Jacintha Alfred, Ashraf, Sadashiv Ullal and others were also present.

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