Blah Blah Blah..! Finally Speeches & Promises Ended of the Lok Sabha Elections Campaign

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Blah Blah Blah..! Finally, Speeches & Promises Ended of the Lok Sabha Elections Campaign

“All we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya, Blah blah blah blah; All we ever hear from you is blah blah blah So, all we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya-Blah blah blah blah”

Mangaluru: For the last few weeks after Lok Sabha Elections were announced, politicians and candidates have been going Blah, blah, blah and also making various promises, what they will do if they were elected to power. Apart from candidates, political leaders belonging to their parties have also been going Blah, blah, blah, and also making promises on behalf of the LS Candidates. But it all comes to end today, 16 April 2019 at 6 pm, as the deadline set by Election Commission prior to the election date in Karnataka, scheduled for 18 April 2019.

Listening to all the speeches for the last so many weeks, during the weekend while I was at a lounge my ears set on the song played by the DJ, which went like this -“All we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya, Blah blah blah blah; All we ever hear from you is blah blah blah So, all we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya-Blah blah blah blah”- and that was the lyrics by EDM artist, Armin van Buuren. And at the moment, I thought that was an appropriate song which fits all these politicians and candidates raising their voices with Blah, blah, blah…

During the last few weeks, we have seen dramas and Yakshagana’s performed either by Congress or BJP or JD (S) leaders, all of them lashing at each other over silly or serious issues. We had also heard about Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary, once supporting Nalin Kateel and Modi, that they will win the elections, and on other occasion praising congress candidate Mithun Rai that he will win the election and that if he doesn’t win, he would stop going to the Temple, Mosque and Church. What a joke, but we have all enjoyed it, listening to all these leaders/candidates prior to the LS Elections.

Here are some of the excerpts from the speeches/promises made by the politicians/candidates during the Lok Sabha Elections Campaign :

PM Narendra Modi in his speech in Mangaluru :

“I have come here to this ground several times. But today I feel that there is a sea of saffron. You have given me the strength to take small and big decisions for the nation. This election is not just about who becomes the MP or the Prime Minister. It is about all of us deciding how to form a New India. We have to decide about the culture of New India. When surgical strikes take place, they start asking for proof. When India kills terrorists by sneaking into their homes, all of the coalition parties start asking questions to the army chiefs. They have gone so low that they call the leader of the nation’s army “Gully ka Gunda”

Congress L S Candidate Mithun Rai:

” It’s time for a real battle, and we are ready and want to bring a change by destroying communalism, disharmony and discrimination. This battle will be between hate and communal disharmony. We need to unite together for a change and for the betterment of the country. Vijaya Bank has merged, but our fight against such move by the central govt in snatching away our coastal bank, and sell it to a bank from North India will not stop. If I am elected I will see that the name board of Bank of Baroda will be replaced again by Vijaya Bank that’s my promise and my fight. I have always fought for the rights of the youth, and I will continue to do it in future too. So I humbly request the support of the youth to make me their leader, and I will work for the betterment of their future and career. Let’s look forward for a change, let’s make a difference and for the betterment of our District and Nation. Asking for your fullest support, I remain indebted in advance”

BJP Lok Sabha Candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel:

“You all gave me a chance in 2009 to be your leaders, and now once again I solicit your humble support to elect me as your leader again. I won’t be able to visit every house in DK requesting for your support, but I request you that your valuable vote will mean a lot to me, so make me your candidate to win in the LS elections. I have been praised by various media about my achievements and works, and they have also ranked me for my accomplishments. Even though a few people are degrading me, but I know that people will have full faith in me and make me win to be their hardworking and dedicated MP again. I was able to get Rs 16,520 crore in financial aid to DK. During my 10 years tenure, I have worked corrupt free, and I will swear in front of any God about this. I have completed various projects, and a few very important projects will be completed soon, including IT Park, etc. There will surely be Modi Tsunami in DK. Give me one more chance to serve, and I will assure the best service from my side”

Senior Congress Leader Janardhan Poojary:

“High command has given the ticket to our youth to contest the Lok Sabha elections and Mithun Rai is the most deserving candidate. His parents are lucky to have such a son, Mithun will surely win the Lok Sabha elections. Last night I had a dream, Lord Shiva hit me on my chest and said, you have become egoistic. Lord Shiva woke me up from my sleep and said that Mithun is the right candidate to win Lok Sabha elections. As all of you know Lord Shiva has given us this candidate. We should all work hard for our candidate to win the LS polls. Christians, Muslims and Hindus are devotees of Lord Shiva, Mohammed Paigamber and Jesus Christ. All the three are listening to my speech and if I have said a lie, it is a curse on me. Dr Mahabal Rai, your son is very lucky. Once when Dr Jayamala had visited our temple, I told her that she would win the elections and she won and become a cabinet minister. If Mithun Rai won’t win the elections I will stop going to Kudroli Temple, Ullal Mosque, and also the Church. I believe God will surely bless Mithun and he will win the elections.”

MLA Dr Bharath Shetty:

“Kumaraswamy had said that if he became the Chief Minister, they would be no communal violence in Dakshina Kannada. When Siddaramiah’s government was in power, there was enough of communal violence. Now, the people of this district have elected seven BJP MLAs to bring peace to this place. On the one hand, they say that they will not allow communal violence. But, they have silently withdrawn 142 pending cases. They have withdrawn cases filed against people belonging to only one community. They should tell the public why they have withdrawn the cases.”

Former CM Siddaramaiah:

‘If You Vote For BJP, You Are Voting For Pakistan. After Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I see a better chance of peace talks with India if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP wins the national elections. What is the reason behind Imran Khan’s support for Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019?” Pakistan wants Narendra Modi to once again become the Prime minister. Such a statement by Imran Khan proves who supports the enemy country. Looks like Pakistan is supporting BJP to later hurt our country just like what Russia did to the USA”

BJP spokesperson Harikrishna Bantwal:

“In this Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel will easily win with a margin of over 2 lakh votes. The possibility of Congress winning the elections is a dream. If caste, dharma, religion, language, and country are strong, then it is impossible to make our country ‘tukde tukde’. There are no words such as majority and minority in the BJP dictionary. The BJP will not play caste-politics. Some people say that the BJP is against Muslims, which is wrong. On May 23rd, two mangoes will fall with one stone. Congress’s dream of coming to power will fall and Kumarswamy’s Chief Ministership will also fall.”

BJP MLA Sanjeev Matandoor:

“This election will decide the future of the country. We are celebrating the festival of democracy and every vote will decide the future of the country. BJP is a common man’s party while the Congress is the party of mother and her children and the JD(S) is a party of the Grandpa and Grandchildren. Nalin Kumar Kateel has already won the LS polls twice and this time will be a hat-trick victory. Our aim is to win with a margin of more than 2 lakh votes which we will take as a challenge. The district BJP will work hard for the victory of Nalin and strengthen Modi and Amit Shah. Both have set the winning target of 400 seats and come to power. Nalin Kumar will surely make a hat-trick”

Chief Coordinator of Shasthavu Sri Boothanatheshwara Temple Vijaynath Vittal Shetty:

“On April 13, Modi came to Mangaluru for the election campaign but he never mentioned MP Candidates Nalin Kumar Kateel or Shobha Karandlaje’s name because he is aware of their poor performance and that they will not win the elections. Modi had addressed a large crowd at the Nehru Maidan but did he mention anything about his promises he had made during 2014 and whether he has fulfilled them? This time he was talking something else other than his old promises”

CM H D Kumaraswamy:

“As the Chief Minister, I have not killed innocent people as Prime Minister Narendra Modi did when he was the chief minister. I don’t need to learn from PM Modi. I am not afraid of IT raids. Even when JDS president HD Deve Gowda went to someone’s house for dinner, his house was raided. What kind of government is this”

MLA Vedavyas Kamath:

“During the elections, it is common to level allegations on the sitting MLA. But when such allegations are leveled against me, I need to respond. I am a businessman turned politician but what is the contribution of Mr Lobo to Mangaluru during his tenure as MLA for 5 years? Lobo has put allegations on me and asked what is my contribution to Mangaluru in 10 months? I am just a beginner and my aim is to bring unique projects to Mangaluru. There are several problems that need to be solved one by one and that may take some time. I am sure I will solve all the problems and successfully complete the Shaktinagar project for the poor.”

JDS President Vasanth Poojary:

“Every time that the Prime Minister has visited the district, he has promoted Koti Chennaya and Sri Narayana Guru. I want to tell the BJP members of this district as well as the Prime Minister that Sri Narayana Guru and Koti Chennaya are gurus of the Billava community. They are not related to election issues. There are many Billavas in this district. I want to tell the BJP candidates of this district as well as PM Modi, all of you pretend to praise the Billava community but have you done anything for the Billava community?”

KPCC Labour Cell President Dr SS Prakassam:

“When Siddaramaiah was the Chief Minister, there was a pension scheme set up for workers such as cobblers, plumbers, porters, and small shopkeepers. After seeing the scheme, Narendra Modi thought that this was a nice scheme and maybe asked himself about why they shouldn’t do something like this. So he didn’t approve our scheme and instead made his own scheme similar to ours. However, there are several differences in our scheme and their scheme. Their scheme cannot be implemented. Demonetization killed 105 people. The GST tax is hurting small and medium businesses. The KPCC has over 15 lakh members in the entire state. In Mangaluru, we have over 15,000 members. None of us will vote for the Narendra Modi govt. In Mangaluru, Mithun Rai is a young and educated leader. He has promised to work and save Mangaluru.”

Minister for Irrigation and Medical Education DK Shivakumar:

“I want to ask the MP of this district, what is your report card? What is your contribution to your constituency? Several medical and engineering institutions are educating the people here. But all the young people, the best products, are getting educated here and going to Bengaluru, Mumbai, or Saudi for jobs. Has the Central Govt. brought any scheme here to benefit the district? Even 10 rupees has not come to the district in the name of the Smart City scheme. Why have they stopped talking about Acche Din? That is why we have to bring about a change in Mangaluru. That is why we have chosen an MP candidate (Mithun Rai) who is young, a devotee of Hanuman, and belonging to the Bunt community. He will take everyone forward together.”

Muneer Katipalla of DYFI :

“In the Lok Sabha elections, Nalin Kumar Kateel’s defeat will facilitate the closing of the illegal tollgate. This time voters should strengthen the Suratkal Tollgate Horata Samiti by defeating Nalin in the LS polls. If Kateel would have honestly done his duty, he could have closed the illegal tollgate in Suratkal within a week. He has neglected the problems faced by the people and has forced vehicle owners to pay the toll in two places. This time while casting the vote people should remember the difficulties they have faced. People should teach Nalin a lesson, his defeat will facilitate closing the Suratkal tollgate”

Former MLA J R Lobo:

“In Mangaluru Modi had said that if he is re-elected as the PM he will appoint a separate Minister for Fisheries and provide all the facilities. I would like to ask, from past 5 years when Modi was the PM, why did he not do that. Modi is playing with psychology. Our PM does not speak any truth. When he took charge as PM, he showed the people all the good things only in the mirror and fooled the people. Nalin has released the manifesto but there are no development projects in his manifesto. I would like to question Nalin, what is his contribution to creating jobs? What is his contribution in bringing industries, IT sectors, etc to DK? Now Vijaya Bank is merged, the airport has been given to Adani. The highways are not completed from the past 10 years. In this election, we the intellectuals should think well before casting our valuable votes because we want an able leader who can raise our voice in the parliament and Mithun is the right candidate.”

Bollywood Star Shatrughan Sinha:

“I am campaigning for the first time in Mangaluru. I have come here to campaign for Mithun Rai. I have recently joined the Congress party and was eager to meet you all. I left the party because I believe in secularism and in respecting everyone equally. I have visited Pakistan several times as my sister lives there. I work with honesty and transparency.”

District Minister In-charge U T Khader:

“After taking publicity saying ‘I am a Chowkidar’, if Modi would have performed his duty honestly, today the documents related to Rafale wouldn’t have been stolen. In 2014, before coming to power Modi had made many promises but after the elections he forgot them. Now in 2019, during the Lok Sabha polls, Modi is once again making many promises which he will forget soon after the elections. People should think well before they cast their valuable votes. If we need a solution for all these problems we need to elect the Congress – JD(S) coalition candidate Mithun Rai so that we can strengthen Rahul Gandhi to be the next Prime Minister of our country.”

JD(S) state vice president M B Sadashiv:

“The areca growers are facing problems but the central government is not supporting them. Arecanut is entering our country from Burma, Malaysia and Srilanka through Amit Shah’s son who is the dealer importing Areca to the country. Due to the import of areca, the district has lost the areca business and the areca growers are facing severe problems. Our MP is unable to raise the issue in the parliament to find a solution. If we are concerned about the development of our district we need to elect Mithun Rai as our MP”

CPI(M) district Secretary Board member Sunil Kumar Bajal :

“In The Name Of Chowkidar, Modi Govt Has Looted The Country. From the past five years PM Narendra Modi has been giving false promises of bringing back the black money stashed in Swiss banks, curb corruption and to bring Ache Din to the people of the country. But now in the name of Chowkidar, the Modi government is looting the Country. Modi is calling himself Chaiwala, Fakir and Chowkidar and fooling the people. If Modi government comes to power again, peace and harmony in the country will be in danger. From the past 25 years the BJP has been winning the elections in DK but no development has taken place in the district. Being an MP for the past 10 years, Nalin Kumar has not done anything for the development of the district. We need to get together to defeat such a candidate and see that a secular candidate wins.”

MLC and Parliamentary Secretary Ivan D’Souza:

“Modi’s speech in Mangaluru was dull, instead of briefing about his achievements he was telling more lies and misleading the people. Modi should know that the people of Dakshina Kannada are intellectuals. In his speech, Modi was criticizing Congress and JD(S). He was saying that Congress and JD(S) give priority to family members. If it is like that, we would like to ask Modi, “Who is Menaka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi? Are they not family? Why is Modi criticizing Congress forgetting Menaka and Varun in his own party?” Modi and the Central Government did not give any importance to waive the farmers’ loan. The Modi government did not release even five paise for the waiver of farmers loan”

Santhosh Janardhan Poojary, the son of Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary:

“The Congress party has never neglected the Billawa Community. Congress has given the opportunity to many Billawa leaders. Congress has always supported the Billawa and Ediga community and this time the party has given the ticket to dynamic and educated youth to contest the LS polls. My father Janardhan Poojary wants Mithun Rai to win the LS polls from Dakshina Kannada. We all should work hard to realize Janardhan Poojary’s wish. My father is unable to campaign actively for Mithun Rai and on behalf of him I am campaigning from the past one week. Mithun Rai is well educated and is aware of the problems people face in Dakshina Kannada. If he wins the LS polls he can represent us in the parliament. I request Janardhan Poojary’s well-wishers and the public to support Congress candidate Mithun Rai”

Former District minister in-charge B Ramanth Rai:

“BJP is not contesting the elections in Nalin Kumar Kateel’s name. They are contesting elections in Modi’s name. But I want to ask the public, what is Modi’s contribution to this district? When the Congress Govt. was in power, they have contributed a lot such as the ONGC, MRPL, the new Passport Office and a number of other projects. Still, they say ‘Modi, Modi’. The BJP govt. has not waived the loans of farmers but has waived the loans of businessmen and corporates. The maximum number of Central Govt. projects that have come to this district has been during the Congress rule”

SCDCC Bank Chairman Dr Rajendra Kumar:

“Janardhan Poojary is a senior leader, I respect him. I will not comment on his statement about me. Being the former Union minister Poojary should not criticize anyone without evidence, every citizen has the right to contest the elections. I will surely support the Congress candidate. I will not criticize anyone nor will I abuse or hurt anyone. I never asked anyone or lobbied to get the LS ticket and I was not an aspirant.”

So these were a few speeches heard during the LS elections campaign, and in less than 48 hours on 18 April, we will decide whom to vote. But never go by all the speeches and promises made by these politicians, instead look at the candidate and his stature and his accomplishment, irrespective of party- and then caste your vote. Let us bring a change in democracy, by electing the RIGHT candidate. So vote, it COUNTS!

So for all the Blah..blah..blah.. that we all heard for quite a sometime, here is a dance tune to keep your voting spirit in a dance mood : “All we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya, Blah blah blah blah; All we ever hear from you is blah blah blah So, all we ever do is go ya ya ya, And we don’t even care about what they say, ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya-Blah blah blah blah”

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