Blunt gets stuck in drug war in ‘Sicario’ trailer

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Los Angeles, June 19 (IANS) Distributors Lionsgate has released a trailer for drug trafficking drama “Sicario”, which stars Emily Blunt.

The approximately two-and-a-half minute clip sees Blunt’s character Kate Macy getting caught up in a drug war while she’s traveling to a lawless border area between the US and Mexico to track down a major Mexican cartel boss, reports

The trailer opens with Macy being recruited to track down the cartel boss, reports

“State department has pulled in an agent specialises in responding the escalating cartel activity,” says a man, to which Kate replies: “This is not my department.”

The scene then shows Macy and other FBI agents barging in a house and having a gun war.

Macy is then joined by Alejandro, a character played by Benicio del Toro and Matt played by Josh Brolin, to travel to a lawless border between the US and Mexico.

“In Mexico, ‘sicario’ means hitman,” a message appears on the screen amid ominous music before the scene shows the gun war between FBI and drug traffickers.

The film is directed by Dennis Villeneuve with a script by Taylor Sheridan.

The crime-drama movie premiered at Cannes International Film Festival in May and is set for a limited release in the US on September 18 before a wide release on September 25.

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