Board Exams and What You Can Do to alleviate Your Child’s Stress

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Board Exams and What You Can Do to alleviate Your Child’s Stress

Board exams have begun, and no doubt your child is studying hard and worried at the same time. If only worrying would get the scores, perhaps he/she will score on top. But you already know, worrying only makes it worse, and only efforts are going to work in the end. So how do you ensure that your kid stops worrying and gives his/her best? Here are some ways to do so:

1. Streamline your child’s studying, learning and eating habits

Kids can have a better response to stress if supported by you. So, assist them to manage exam stress by having a sense of control in planning a proper study schedule and ways to learn and systematically revise chapters. Help them to make ‘mind maps’ to summarize thoughts. Encourage them to look at past test papers and help them understand what to expect.

The best way to do so is by helping them find a quiet place to study without distractions. Make sure that the table is uncluttered so that they can focus better.Remind your child to take short breaks and move around in between each part of their study.

Make sure that your children take out time to eat, as opposed to going ahead with only studying. Urge them to eat veggies, fruits, nuts and proteins- these are good for the brain and blood sugar levels.Help them to curtail coffee or other stimulants, as these can increase agitation. Make them drink loads of water.

2. Reassure your child with positive talks

Regardless of whether there is no parental pressure, students still wind up anxious and stressful during exams. This is very common, and hence it is ideal time you should courage your child with some positive talks.Try to boost their confidence and make them understand that exams are not an end for them.

Do not pressurize your child by saying how important it is to score good marks. Instead, tell him/her how important it is to study.

3. Tell them that you are there whatever happens

Just like not every child is a good artist or a dancer, not every child scores a 90%. Hence expecting too much from your child is not helpful. Each child has his/her own unique interests and abilities. As parents, you must promote their interests and furthermore help them in identifying and dealing with their weaknesses. Tell your kids that you are with them no matter what and appreciate them for their unique achievements.Tell them that you will support their career choices, whichever field it may be.

Let them know that you have thought of their future and will always be present to help them with their dreams. One way to gain their trust is to have a plan that can achieve such goals smoothly. And what better than the best child education plan to give wings to your child’s dreams.

Even if your child wants to be a doctor, an architect, a singer or a musician, child education plan can help pave a secure financial path towards such dreams. Let the best child education plan build that much-needed confidence so that you can proudly tell your child “No matter what you do, and where life takes you, I will always be there to support your dreams”.

Keep your stress levels in check

For many parents, boards exams of their kids bring back waves of fear and anxiety which they themselves experienced when taking the exam. And this sense of dread leaves them feeling overwhelmed and powerless in assisting their child during exams.

However, your child will look upon you for inspiration, and much of his/her emotional status depends on your support. So, make sure you give that support. Be calm and composed and think of the ways you can help your child, instead of getting stressed thinking about the exams and marks.

Keep Financial Problems Away

Board exams serve to move children from the school system, towards their career paths. So, make sure that you are financially prepared for it.

Just imagine the stress of not being able to aid your child financially, if he/she chooses a career with higher fees. Or the impact on your child’s life when you are not present to support his future due to an unfortunate event.

Make yourself free from such stress by having adequate insurance protection. For instance, having term insurance will make sure that your loved ones receive the financial protection in your absence. Additionally, child future plan will help your child choose any profession without having to worry about the rising education costs. So, take the opportunity and responsibility to keep financial problems away from your child’s life.


Ensure your children that your unconditional love for them is in no way reliant on how well they perform in the exams. This affirmation is the greatest gift you can give them at the start of their board examinations.

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  1. If studying for exams is considered as stress and burden, then may god help them to face the challenges life throws at them later on. They will have to juggle the pressure on many fronts – work, family, children, health, responsibility etc. Compared to that this is nothing.

    For students the only worry these days is to switch off their smart phone, sit down and study. Food and accommodation and other needs are fulfilled by parents anyway. So please do not try to make an issue where none exists. And stop cosseting them. That will only take away their confidence. Teach them to be independent. Human beings have survival skills built into their genes. So, throw them in cold water, they will learn to swim in no time. And they will thank you for doing it some day.

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