I was born to be a hero: Actor Vishal

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I was born to be a hero: Actor Vishal
Mumbai, June 15 (IANS) Vishal Aditya Singh, a former athlete from Bihar and now an actor, says he was born to be a hero.

What made him enter the world of entertainment?

The actor, who will play the male lead in the upcoming TV series “Chandrakanta”, told IANS: “I was born to be a hero. Since my childhood, I have been winning in all the sports that I have participated in. I played state-level cricket, I was good in badminton and kabaddi….”

“I was quite popular among youngsters in my locality because of my helpful nature. So, I received a lot of love and ‘fanship’ from people of my village. I am already a hero there.”

Vishal first tried his hand at modelling in Delhi, but could not continue it so went back to Bihar to become a politician.

“Then my father suggested that I go to Mumbai for acting. According to my father, I have a personality that is quite engaging and entertaining… so, I should try my luck in acting,” he said.

He will play Prince Veerendra for which he not only went through rigorous physical training, but also prepared himself to get his gestures right.

“I have gone through several rounds of auditions for the role. Once I got to know that I have been selected, I started working on my body language as well as speaking style. You see, this is a larger-than-life character set in a different time-frame.

“So, I had to get the nuances right. On the other hand, I knew that physical training would be part of my preparation as the look of a warrior was needed,” said Vishal.

TRPs are important for shows to last long. Asked if he feels the pressure, the young actor said: “There is a pressure to perform well in every episode so that I can do justice to the character. My honesty and dedication should reflect on screen.”

“For me, that is the way… as an actor to get the genuine reaction from our audiences. TRP is not in my hands so I am not thinking much about it. I feel the responsibility, not the pressure.”

Produced by Ekta Kapoor, “Chandrakanta” will premiere on June 24 on Colors.

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