Bow..bow! MCC making Dog Owners Pay for Licence-Permit is Nonsense!

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Bow..bow! MCC making Dog Owners Pay for Licence-Permit is Nonsense!

Mangaluru: One of the latest plan of Mangaluru City Corporation to earn some extra income is made public- the MCC officials are on the verge of charging pet owners in the City to obtain Licence and Permit for pet dogs. Like one of the comments posted on the blog by Yashpal Mendon says, “Mayor should use her power. She has not mentioned what will she do with the stray dogs. There is no connection between pet dogs and stray dogs… this agenda has no sense”.  I fully agree with Mendon, because why are pet owners charged for keeping their pets at home or also while taking them for a walk leashed. What has MCC done so far when it comes to the increasing stray dogs in the city- the numbers of the stray dogs are increasing day by day. There are other important issues that MCC should attend to first, rather than harass pet owners on a silly issue of dog ownership.

My question is that why is MCC making dog owners to have a licence and permit when the pets are at home- and even if they are taken out, they are on the leash. Simply doesn’t make any sense to me. MCC also wants the dog owners to produce the documents of periodic vaccination- but by the way how about the documents of vaccination of stray dogs?? Does anyone in MCC care about the health of stray dogs, or check into what kinds of disease they carry. Forcing the innocent pet owners to apply for dog licence and a permit is unbelievable and senseless. I bet the person or persons who implemented this new rule, perhaps don’t own a dog or are allergic to canine? But for sure, I am not getting this licence/permit- MCC can take away my dogs- and when they do it, they will have to also take me along with my lovable dogs.

Moreover, that as per Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten or driven away. Please remember that the only humane, legal and scientific way of dealing with street dogs is to get them vaccinated and sterilized under Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC). Under this program, stray dogs are picked up, neutered, vaccinated against rabies and released in the respective areas from where they had been captured, which is in accordance with the Animal Birth Control Rules 2001 framed, under Section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and as per the orders of Honourable Supreme Court of India. But has MCC followed this law- Animal Care Trust were undertaking this task for many years, but recently I haven’t seen their van come and pick stray dogs for vaccination.

According to the news- “Mangaluru Civic Body makes License for Pet Dogs Mandatory” in today’s (31 March 2017) print media it is stated, “Want to own a pet dog or have one, then apply with Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) for a permit/license for the canine. With the dog welfare committee of the civic body making licensing of pet dogs mandatory at its meeting held on February 10, owners will now compulsorily have to obtain one. While the license for the first year (FY 2017-18) is free, owners will have to shell out Rs 300 from the next fiscal year and also follow four-point conditions laid out in the license.

These are – dog license/permit is mandatory for all pet dogs in MCC limits, owners will have to submit documents about periodic vaccination of their pets along with application for the license, validity of which is one year and has to be renewed annually and follow all directives issued by the government under The Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001. The council of MCC had approved this agenda at its monthly meeting that Mayor Kavitha Sanil chaired.

An office note provided with the agenda stated that the main aim of making dog license mandatory is to keep a check on stray dogs in the city corporation limits and thereby minimize problems caused to people. But I want to ask the MCC officials how many pet dogs are let on the streets as stray dogs, compared to the thousands of existing stray dogs, which have been a menace to the public. There is an increase in stray dog population across the city and this has to be contained. A proposal was sent to the standing committee on public health, education and social justice which in turn adopted resolution 44/2015-16 and sent it to the council on September 28, 2015.

Based on the council resolution 103/2015-16 on January 25, 2016, the proposal was resubmitted on March 23, 2016 vide council resolution 166/2015-16. Accordingly, a decision was taken on March 31, 2016, to carry out a survey of both pet and stray dogs in the city and set up a dog welfare committee and dog licensing committee with the former entrusted with the task of castrating pet dogs. The same committee that met on February 10 cleared the dog licensing decision.

While looking at this issue, there is nothing new in the row over strays in Mangaluru. The city has always had those who abhorred getting rid of dogs and those who completely eschewed these ‘furry foes’. The reasons why the dog dodgers shun these mongrels are many — Besides their barks and bites, the flea bags woo the neighbour’s pedigree Pomeranian, they empty their bladders on their scooter tyres, sniff out the kids from their hideouts when they are playing I spy or wake up the whole neighbourhood when the man is trying to sneak into the house without letting the wife know after a night out with the boys.

Among the dog lovers are those who consider strays as disposable dogs but use their foreign breeds to move up in society. While Alsatians and Pomeranians used to be the most popular pedigree pups some time ago, Hollywood hits and television commercials have triggered a mad rush for breeds like Dalmatians, Pugs, Dobermans, Labradors, Great Danes among others.. And with this, like the city’s population, its dog mix too has turned cosmopolitan, with a lot of mixed breeding thrown in. And so, one fire morning, the proud dog owner is aghast at seeing the pups from her spotted Dalmatian’s litter resemble the neighbourhood mongrel.

Dogs are sought for various reasons. For some it is fashionable to have a pedigree pet, some have them for the real love of animals and others to discourage burglars and salesman. Hence, today, besides the ubiquitous‘ No Parking’ board on the gates of houses, the sign ‘Beware of Dog’ warns anyone trying to barge into the house. But with a spurt in demand for pedigree breeds that command fancy prices, the very dogs that are reared to keep burglars away are stolen by thieves, who sell them off for a premium.

After acquiring a pet, naming it is another exercise in itself. While there are several common names that are typically given to dogs, a few owners name them after comic book characters like Jerry or Snoopy or famous dogs in many dog related movies; The family sits around the uncomplaining new arrival in the house and drops names like Tommy, Jimmy, Timmy, Ramu — the little black Labrador, who is probably of a very high lineage, maybe the offspring of a prize winning pedigree named Maria, waits with his paws crossed as the most bizarre names fly around. His hope for a decent name finally ends. The little one then cringes as the family settles on ‘Karia’ (son of Maria), but has no option but to answer to the name, for he is supposed to be man’s best friend. And for that matter I have named my four dogs as Oobama, Troomp, (both Daschunds), Boosh and Clintoon (both Labrador-Shitshu mix)

The city of Mangaluru known as India’s Coastal city or the more familiar term, the ‘Education Hub’, but lately its residence dared to rename it as the “City of Stray Dogs”, when its newspapers/websites reported dog menace and also two cases of stray dog accidents recently – one where a 2 year-old boy was mauled by stray dogs and was hospitalized with serious injuries, and in the other case, a two-wheeler rider lost his life while avoiding hitting a stray dog. Last year there have been 671 dog-bite cases treated at the Government Wenlock hospital, out of which five persons have died due to rabies infection. There are stray dogs-bite cases happening every day, but people don’t report it to the concerned authorities.

According to sources from Wenlock hospital, on an average 100 people are bitten by stray dogs per month somewhere in Mangaluru, and treated at the hospital. There could be more dog-bites than the above numbers, because many a times people don’t report dog bite cases nor they seek treatment at hospitals. I can say there could be over thousand dog-bite cases by looking at all the stray dogs roaming in the city. It is reported that MCC had spent in lakhs to control the stray dog nuisance in the City. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) initiated by MCC has been showing no positive results – just by sterilizing the dogs and put back where they belong will not serve the purpose in decreasing the stray dog population. The MCC and the Animal Care Trust should come up with some suitable measures in getting rid of these dogs.

From the reports of the stray dog menace, it is sad to observe that kids are the main victims, especially the slum kids are more prone to these sorts of attacks. Also, kids enjoy playing out in the evenings or at dark and thus are left to the fury of the stray mongrels. They also pose a lot of threat to road commuters, especially to cyclists and two wheelers, traveling at dusk. They chase these travelers, in most cases, cross frenziedly across the streets unexpected. The result is obvious, the travelers hurt and left to bleed on the road side and in some cruel cases, attacked by these ruthless packs. With their bites, men are at the risk of contracting Rabies. But none of the activists fighting for Animal Rights are coming up with a solution, how they can avoid all these dog attacks. Just by raising their voices against animal cruelty will not serve the purpose. Seems like, “The stray dogs can attack, injure or kill people, but people can’t attack or cull stray dogs?”- that’s not right.

In conclusion, all I have to say is that the stray dog menace is in fact a grave problem in Mangaluru and NOT the Pet Dogs- so the authorities should act immediately to tackle this issue seriously and effectively, and not go behind the pet owners urging them to pay for dog licence-permit. MCC should try to make money from other means, and not from PET OWNERS? And for that pet owners should raise their voices and protest against this new dog rule implemented by MCC. If anyone is ready for a mass protest on this issue, I am ready- let’s all march to the MCC premises along with our furry friends. Dogs are man’s best friends forever if we care for them!

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  1. If dogs need license, then why not Cows, goats….? Many in City have Goats and Cows. It is time to question some Fekus about this also.

    I request every Dog owner to demand that Cow owners also should buy license along with Goat owners.

    I think City Officials wanted to show their might. They are worried about the Pet dogs but not about the Corrupt in offices.

  2. First of all sincere thanks to Alfie for publishing the concerns of 1000s of pet dog owners in mangalore.Its a decision announced w/o any sense or rationale. All the pet dog owners are getting their dog vaccinated on time ,so the MCC to do it does not arise. There are also several people who have adopted stray pups and look after them . Its my earnest apeal to the MCC to call off the baseless idea to have license fee for dogs lest we all march to the MCC office in protest !!

  3. “Nonsense” is the right word used by the author about this senseless and useless rule. Mayor Kavitha needs to concentrate her mind on other serious civic issues than this not so important dog licence issue. Pet owners had dogs for decades and has been no problems- only lately stray dogs are the menace and nuisance. Let the MCC take care of the stray dogs issue first, than trouble the pet owners.

  4. Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! ….. and a few more million nonsense in regards to the “Nonsense” dog rule put forth by Mangaluru City authorities– not just “nonsense” , whoever tried to implement this rule “NO SENSE”. This law will be a loser, I am positive.

  5. Yes there are pros and cons of any issue. A sum of 300 rupees won’t matter much to some and for some others it will be a big amount to shell out. News must be based on facts and not assumptions or opinions. Half the strays on the streets are the unwanted litter thrown away by the pet owners. They want their pet but not its litter. No effort is put into getting their pet neutered. The trend of abandoning pets is also on the rise. These abandoned ones too end up being stray animals.

    When we buy a vehicle licencing and registration is mandatory and no one complains about it. In case of vehicle theft, reporting it, tracing that vehicle and claiming ownership becomes easy. Some way if one loses their pet or pet gets stolen, don’t you think things are going to be a lot easier. If that is ok, why not this.

  6. Dear Alfie, please get in touch with people who are really concerned about animals in this town. To start with, get in touch with the animal care trust volunteers. They will tell you how much this move is necessary by MCC.

  7. Before posting random hate posts against stray dogs, kindly note that strays are strays because of ignorant people who abandon their pets. And if somebody cannot afford 300Rs/year, then he/she has no business adopting a pet, because when the pet falls sick, he/she will have to spend much more than that to nurse it back to health.

  8. I do not understand what is wrong with paying for a license or microchiping a dog. The bad circumstance of losing a dog. The licence number will in a small way help to find a pet. What is the harm in that. Rs 300 is not a big amount for the safety for a part of your family? I am not trying to put you down. You have the right to your opinion but please do try to look at things from the positive side, of which there are many. Can u imagine how good this rule would be for our pets. Vaccinated and hopefully neutered so your problem with strays will also be solved. Happier and merrier.

  9. Now i am feeling very guilty that MCC is insisting only on getting a licence/permit for having dogs at home- because for the fact that I am also having three grown up cats, two rabbits, one pig and few poultry- I feel its kind of discrimination only to charge the pet owners for dogs and not any other pet animals. Just a thought!

  10. Indian cities are straining under a stray dog epidemic. Since animal rights fanatics oppose the culling of stray dongs, the only way to curb the stray dog population is to require dog owners to have a license for their dogs a and to require dog owners to spay and neuter their dogs.

  11. It’s not the question of paying Rs 300 only a year for the dog licence- my question is that why even pay for the licence- for what. My three dogs are always tied in the yard, and I never take them on the streets-then why should I even pay a Re for so called Dog licence/permit. Doesn’t make sense to me. Whose idea is this anyways?

    • Mr.lazarus first of all tying Your dogs whole day and then you pretend to be animal lover and talk about this? Please don’t…

  12. If MCC wants dog owners to get a licence, then it should also make people owning cattle to have licence- then it will be fair.

  13. Can find the answer to – who let the dogs out. But why only on dogs because they are in pet animal category? Let them make license for tv connection as we have in UK. Some one who doesn,t leave a dog out and tie all times are guilty of act. Imagine a person buckled up inside his house for days. Hope to see many such actions to be layed down. Don,t compare past to present, World is changing and certainly India is changing on rapid pace.

  14. ಕೋರಿ ಒಕ್ಕುನು ತನ್ನ ಕಾರ್ದ ಮುದೆಲ್ ಟೆ!

  15. Coming to the point looking at all the comments posted here, that Animal Care Trust is involved with MCC in implementing this dog licence rule, I want to clarify my point- I have two Daschund dogs, and three stray dogs that I picked up when no one bothered to take care- and for the last three years I have taken care of these 3 stray dogs along with my other two- now that MCC is charging Rs 300 for each dog, do I have to pay for these 3 stray that I saved from their death on streets. If I have to pay, then let MCC and ACT reimburse my money for all the years that I took care of these three stray dogs. Oh well!

  16. For animals when their stomach is empty they have one problem. When their stomach is full they have no problem.

    Whereas for humans when their stomach is empty they have one problem. When their stomach is full they have 100 problems.

    Human beings give far too much importance to themselves. In my view they should live like animals. That way at least there will be a bit of peace and quiet in this world.

  17. I must attribute the credit where it’s due. The ‘1 problem, 100 problem’ quote is from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev

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