Britney Spears biopic coming to TV soon

Britney Spears biopic coming to TV soon

Los Angeles, Aug 25 (IANS) Britney Spears is getting her own TV movie, which will focus on the singer’s road to success, including her various ups and downs.

TV network Lifetime made the announcement about the biopic on Wednesday.

TO be directed by Leslie Libman, the film will chart the singer’s rise to fame, and will also focus on the peaks and valleys that occurred throughout her career, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, reports

Actress Natasha Bassett will star as Spears in the two-hour biopic. The film will also explore the singer’s relationships with Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

The TV movie, which is tentatively titled “Britney”, will be produced by Asylum Entertainment, with a script written by Anne-Marie Hess.

Production for “Britney” will begin on September 19 in Vancouver, Canada. The film is scheduled for a 2017 release.