Caller wishes Police Commissioner ‘Happy Women’s Day’ during Phone-In Programme?

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Caller wishes Police Commissioner ‘Happy Women’s Day’ during Phone-In Programme?

Mangaluru: Strange but true, a caller conveyed “Happy Women’s Day” wishes to Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil during the Phone-In programme today (Friday, 8 March), but had no complaints to make. International Women’s Day is observed across the world on March 8. It is a global day that celebrates social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a “call to action” to increase gender equality. The celebrations continue to grow from strength to strength every year and various programmes are organised at local and international level to mark International Women’s Day. This caller does really have respect towards women, but it would have been quite appropriate if he had conveyed the same “Happy Women’s Day” wishes to DCP ( crime & Traffic) Ms Uma Prashanth who was also present during the P-I programme.

Today, Friday 8 March being the second Phone-In programme handled by Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil after he took over the post recently, most of the complaints were pertaining to traffic woes and little bit of civic issues. A college bus driver of Karavali College, Mangaluru complained to Police Commissioner stating that four buses with Reg No KA19B2657, KA19AB1977, KA19B4519, and KA19D7877 don’t have any documents/vehicle papers in the bus, which in case of any traffic violation/accident, the driver will have to face all the hassles and inconveniences with the police. In reply, PC said that he will look into it and rectify the problem.

PC Patil said that already a special operation has been conducted in the city after he took over the office against no registration number plates on the vehicle, shrill horns, use of tinted glasses above the permissible tint percentage limit, and parking of vehicle in no parking area, and that such operations will continue periodically, in order to bring awareness among the motorists to follow the traffic rules and regulations.

A senior citizen called and said that it is his second complaint regarding getting no parking space for his car near Central Vegetable Market, because all the parking spots are occupied by illegal street vendors. In response PC said that he would remind the MCC commissioner once again to take necessary steps in evicting these vendors, and if needed that police force will be provided. Another caller said that pedestrians are finding a hard time walking along the Pandeshwar Vidyarthi Bhavan, since a bunch of street vendors selling juice and eatables are obstructing the movement. Action will taken against them, assured the commissioner.

Another caller said newly installed road humps should be painted soon before any accidents take place; seized vehicles by police parked near their respective stations are creating inconveniences for pedestrians said another caller; Few other complaints were – sugar cane vendor near Kuloor bridge is creating nuisance to public since his customers park their vehicles on side of the road, and also that he supplies juice to bus passengers; Business advertisement board placed on the footpaths should be removed, causing inconveniences to pedestrians to walk; conductors are charging more than the required ticket prices.

“Vehicles are seen parked on the newly painted zebra crossing; many traffic violations are seen after dark when police are not around, like triple ride/no helmet/rash riding by two-wheeler riders; fish hauling vehicles which park along road side, spilling fish waste water has been creating stink and safety hazards to the public; few conductors are very rude in some of the city private buses, which needs to be addressed soon; youngsters are seen passing under the railway crossing gate near Pandeshwar, which is dangerous; few buses are skipping their regular routes, thereby causing inconveniences to commuters;.

“Vehicles parked on Nellikai Road/Bunder are a nuisance to public; lots of dust/sand particles flying from trucks hauling sand/mud, which get into the eyes of pedestrians and two-wheeler riders; many vehicles are seen plying on the roads with no registration plates; KSRTC buses, tankers and heavy vehicles on highways are emitting thick smoke, which is harmful to health and also creating pollution; school vans and vehicles transporting children are overloaded, which is a safety hazard; bus stop near Lady Hill is filthy and illegal activities are going on, even two-wheelers are parked inside” were a bunch of complaints made to Police Commissioner today.

In response, PC said that action will be taken against trucks hauling sand/mud openly, they will be directed to cover it; regarding smoke emission, RTO will be informed to take suitable action; overloading of school vehicles carrying children will be looked into; passing under the railway cross gate will be stopped soon; and all other civic and traffic issues which the citizens called in will be taken care of soon. On the occasion new uniforms ( in the color of white shirt, blue pant, blue cap, black belt, whistle) were handed over to a dozen of Traffic Wardens by PC Sandeep Patil, DCP Ms Uma Prashanth and other police reps, in the presence of Chief Traffic Warden Joe Gonsalves.

Vinay Goenkar- ACP (CCRP), Guruduth Kamath- Traffic South Police station; Hanumantharaya-DCP; Manjunath Shetty- Traffic ACP; Purshotham B- Head Constable; P Yogeshwaran- ASI; Diwakar- Inspector North Police station; Harish Patel- Circle Inspector Traffic East Police Station were present during the P-I programme.

Wise Investment! New Towing Vehicle earns Traffic Police Dept Rs 79, 750 in just 5 days?

The new Towing Vehicle which was put into operation on 2 March 2019, has earned the City Traffic Police Department big bucks in the total of Rs 79,750, towing 106 vehicles, till today. Till today, cases against 143 vehicles with tinted glass have been booked, with heavy fines slapped on the violators.

DCP Uma Prashanth speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “Since 2 March 2019, we started towing vehicles which were parked in non-specified areas in the city. as of now we have received only one towing vehicle, while three more are on their way soon, which will the East, West, South and North police stations. Vehicles towed from the illegal parked area, will be towed to the nearest police station, where the violators have to pay the penalty and get their vehicles released. The penalty/towing charges for Heavy vehicles is Rs 1600, Medium Vehicles is Rs 1350, Light vehicles-Rs 1100, and Two-wheeler is Rs 750. As per Police Commissioner’s instruction, we have been monitoring the movement of 25 “Sagar” police vehicles, through GPS installed in them. In case of emergencies, information will be relayed to the drivers of Sagar Vehicles, so that they can reach the spot quickly as possible.

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