Can ‘Ass’ Bring Luck for Vatal Nagaraj Who Wants to make ‘V-Day’ a ‘Holiday’?

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Can ‘Ass’ Bring Luck for Vatal Nagaraj Who Wants to make ‘V-Day’ a ‘Holiday’?

Can ‘Donkey/Donkey’ Bring Luck for Vatal Nagaraj- the President Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha contesting in the forthcoming Election, who Wants to make ‘Valentine’s Day’ a ‘Holiday’, if Elected?

Mangaluru: Vatal Nagarj-the President Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha is going Very Romantic Good news for young lovers and married couples, that they could see an extra “Holiday” on Valentine’s Day-ONLY if Vatal Nagaraj-the President Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha contesting in the forthcoming Election from Chamarajanagar Assembly, who has promised that if he wins in the elections he will surely see that Valentine’s Day is declared as a ‘Holiday’? Can the “Donkey”, which is Nagaraj’s symbol for the election, bring luck for Him?. But Sri Rama Sene Supremo Pramod Muthalik may not like this move by Vatal. Never know we could see a yet another “Pink Chaddi” campaign?

Speaking to the reporters Vatal while supporting Valentine’s Day celebration had said that Love is not restricted to any caste or religion. It is universal and nobody has the rights to oppose lovers who are willing to get married on their own. The central government should in fact support the lovers and provide financial assistance of Rs 50,000 up to Rs. 1 lakh. Recalling the incident that took place on 14 February 2018, when Bajrang Dal activists protesting against the celebration of Valentine’s day on the streets of the country citing the influence of ‘Western Culture’, this pro-Kannada activist and politician from Bengaluru, Vatal Nagaraj solemnized the marriage of two sheep in Bengaluru.

Vatal Nagaraj who had organized marriage of two sheep in Bengaluru as a mark of support to Valentine’s Day- on that day had said, “We should not object to Valentines Day because love does not have any community or caste. Central government should declare one-day holiday for love. State govt should give Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh to any couple who marry for love.” He had also demanded that the union government to provide financial assistance up to Rs 1 Lakh to lovers to assist their weddings.

The President of Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha, Vatal Nagaraj, who is contesting for the seventh time from Chamarajanagar Assembly Constituency will face a tough fight from the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) candidates from the constituency this time round. The Congress had realized that the defeat of its candidate in Chamarajanagar in previous elections was due to the stronghold of the 35,000 Uppara community vote bank, which preferred to vote in favour of Nagaraj. This time, it has given its ticket to Vice-president of Zilla Panchayat and Uppara community leader, Puttaranga Shetty, to contest from Chamarajanagar.

The Uppara community are now in a dilemma today on who to vote for. They were happy with Congress’s Puttaranga Shetty, but with the announcement of candidates Shivakumar and Gadkar, there is a possibility of a division of votes within the community. Meanwhile, another leader of the Uppara community, Noorondu Shetty and his followers joined the BJP, which could ultimately benefit Vatal Nagaraj.

It is noted that Nagaraj was elected to the Assembly five times from three different constituencies. He had won Chamarajanagar Assembly Constituency as an Independent in 1989, 1994 and 2004 elections. Nagaraj espouses using Kannada in administration, screening Kannada films and retaining Belgaum in the State. He has taken up many causes on behalf of the common man. Leading a one-man political outfit, he holds seminars, discussions and meetings on various topical issues of the State.

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  1. Yenidu Ass charya? Bele ijjanthi Asschari?

    This comedian is responsible for public nuisance. I still remember 21st Dec 1973 Bangalore bundh because he called for bundh.
    I ended up eating bun butter and 2 rasabale that day as all the restaurants were closed. Some kind soul had partially opened his shop to help shoppers.
    Are the voters crazy enough to vote the ass?

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