Can PM crush constitutional traditions for power, asks Cong

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Can PM crush constitutional traditions for power, asks Cong
Jaipur: Soon after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot sent a revised proposal to the Governor for convening a special Assembly session on July 31, the Congress on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of fighting the party instead of coronavirus and asked if he could crush constitutional traditions for power.

Congress leader Ajay Maken told the media here that the most worrying fact was that the Constitution and established constitutional traditions were getting ruthlessly trampled by the BJP.

“It appears that the justice expected from the judiciary is also over. People sitting in constitutional posts like Governors are seen as helpless and unable to protect the Constitution,” he said at a press conference here this afternoon.

“Does the country accept the BJP attack on democracy and Constitution? Will the majority mandate be decided by the vote of 8 crore people of Rajasthan or by the use of muscle and money power of leaders seated in Delhi? Can the Prime Minister and the government of India crush the constitutional traditions to gain power? Can the Governor disregard the Constitution by refusing to allow the special Assembly session being called by the Rajasthan government elected by majority votes? Can a Governor unconstitutionally interfere in the legislature’s base area? Will this not lead to a confrontation between the legislature and the judiciary?”

Maken, a former Union Minister, also said that the entire nation is raising its voice in support of the Congress’ #SpeakUpForDemocracy campaign.

“Our call to the countrymen is to make a decisive contribution in this ‘yagya’ called for the protection of democracy which is more like following patriotism by heart,” the former Delhi Congress chief added.

Talking of the current scenario in the country, the Congress leader said that India was faced with the coronavirus epidemic while 130 crore countrymen suffered severe economic crisis.

“Over 14 crore jobs have been lost. Many businesses are on the verge of closure. China has taken over our territory. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi, instead of fighting corona, economic crisis or China, is conspiring to topple the Congress governments,” Maken remarked.

The Congress leader said that the reality is that the Modi government and the BJP have attacked the democracy and Constitution of the country.

“It is clear from the BJP’s conspiracy that it wants to topple the Congress government elected through a democratic process in Rajasthan. These disruptive forces want to make democracy a slave of the Delhi Durbar and to treat it as a puppet in their hands. The majority mandate is being murdered publicly and public opinion has been put behind the bars by the BJP workers,” he alleged.

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