Cardiologist Dr Padmanabh Kamath Salutes the ‘COVID WARRIORS’ of KMC-Jyothi Circle & Wenlock Hospital

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Cardiologist Dr Padmanabh Kamath Salutes the ‘COVID WARRIORS’ of KMC-Jyothi Circle & Wenlock Hospital

Renowned Cardiologist and HoD of Cardiology Dept, KMC Hospital, Dr Ambedkar/Jyothi Circle, Mangaluru Dr Padmanabh Kamath Salutes the ‘COVID WARRIORS’ of KMC-Jyothi Circle & Wenlock Hospital. “To me these doctors and paramedics are the bravest and should be called super heroes. The Govt Wenlock hospital Virology team of nearly 10-12 members and also the Covid Warriors at KMC Hospital are working round the clock. They perform anywhere from 90-100 samples a day and load is only going to go up. We salute these heroes fighting from front-line in the battlefield. To me these are the real life heroes especially In these difficult times. No doubt they are all the Unsung Heroes during this pandemic” says Dr Kamath.

Cardiologist Dr Padmanabh Kamath

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean/ had published two articles ” Ref: Police Commissionerate Shows Solidarity through ‘Honour Convoy’ as Mark of Respect to Medical Fraternity); and (Ref: Mysuru-origin Dr Uma Madhusudan Gets Brilliant 100-Car Salute For Extraordinary Service Amid Covid in US ), and here we have a renowned Interventional Cardiologist, and HoD of Cardiology Dept of Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Dr Ambedkar/Jyothi Circle, Mangaluru who has come forward to show his heartfelt appreciation and salute the Dedicated, Committed and Hard Working ‘COVID Warriors’comprising of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Health care Fraternity at KMC Hospital, Jyothi Circle, and also the Health Care Staff at District Wenlock Hospital, Mangaluru, who are working day and night during this period of extreme distress.

This is a BIG salute to these unsung heroes and acknowledge each ones contribution. Covid-19, or simply coronavirus, has spread like wildfire, leaving behind an alarming number of victims. The virus severely attacks the respiratory system and is transmitted through direct contact with infected people. With over million cases having swept the world, with nearly 50,000 deaths, these disease is a pandemic ruining the lives of many, who are fighting against it. Despite the fear that dominates, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On request of PM Modi we cheered up the medical fraternity twice, through clapping and ringing of bells, and then once gain lighting candles/diyas on our balconies and home front yard. That was a nice gesture shown towards the heath Care fraternity.

Along with awareness campaigns, advocating, and quarantine, an entire army of paramedics, health assistants, nurses, and doctors have risen to fight this deadly virus. Naturally, in the Middle East the same wave of fraternity has also risen. Stress, exhaustion, underlying fear, and renewed hope… these words sum up the current situation of the medical staff mobilized in the battle against Covid-19. Considering the tremendous efforts exerted by medics , one can say that in times of pandemics, “humanity” is at the front line. These dedicated, committed and hard working Health Care Fraternity at Wenlock Covid-19 Hospital and KMC Hospital are dealing with potentially infected people which requires caution and empathy. Armed with smiles, they all try to alleviate patients’ multiple fears.

Moreover, the paramedic staff play a key role in this regard moving potential carriers of the virus to testing centers, and confirmed patients to treatment units. On the way to the centers and units, seconds feel like hours with the shadow of death threatening despite reassuring words from paramedics. These are the heroic “soldiers” enlisted to fight against the deadly Covid-19. Their job is a critical one and is very tiring both physically and psychologically. Carrying patients and moving them while wearing a Covid preventive suit is not evident and patients become fearful when they see them. With health care facilities stretched thin, doctors and medical health professionals have been in increasing demand to treat the growing number of cases. Nurses, janitors and doctors have also recorded a high number of casualties from exposure to the COVID-1.

‘Our Covid Warrior of the Day’- Driver Nishanth of KMC-MARS Ambulance Service :

Seen in photo L-R Praveen and Nishanth

We need to recognize the life-saving work of an ambulance driver and they rightly regard them in high esteem. But have you ever thought of the risks and challenges that ambulance drivers face? Here are some: Road Accidents. Because of high driving speed resulting from an abnormal emergency condition, ambulance drivers are at a very high risk of road accidents. They drive through red lights, intersections, roundabouts, and traffic congestion all in attempts to reach destinations as quickly as possible.

Slips and falls- The work of an ambulance driver is not limited to driving only. He is expected to work hand in hand with other medics to assists patients on stretchers which sometimes includes going up and down the stairs. He may also take the personal belongings of the patient. These activities may at time cause him to slip and fall and get injured; Gas Releases- An ambulance usually includes compressed gases like oxygen or other gases used as anesthesia. A sudden release of these gasses might be hazardous to the ambulance driver. Repair tasks-They may be injured as the result of carrying out repair functions on their vehicles such as changing a flat tire by the roadside and doing so under stress.

Back Pain- Because his job is strenuous, an ambulance driver may sustain back injuries during lifting of patients or while driving over bumps at a high speed.
Infections. An ambulance driver is exposed to a high risk of infections by being exposed to the blood of patients or other body fluids or tissue samples. This places him in danger of contracting contagious, blood-borne diseases like HIV, Ebola or Hepatitis; Noise pollution- Ambulance drivers are exposed to high noise levels from the emergency siren that blasts on a day to day basis; Psychological stress- If you have witnessed the sight of a ghastly accident or have seen a fatally wounded person and feels you have seen one too much, think of an ambulance driver whose responsibility is to come in contact with situations like that regularly. In addition to this, they come in contact with terminally ill patients. They do their work under time pressure and over a prolonged state of alertness coupled with driving dangerously and at high speeds. You can only imagine what the psychological stress levels will be like.

Ignorance from other drivers. Some ambulances have been hindered from having the right of way just because they were driving at high a speed with the siren on but had no patient on board. Really? Is that the reason why you should not give way to an ambulance? What about if the ambulance driver is rushing to take a patient and so for now is empty? What if that patient happens to be your relative? Whether they are going to take a patient or have already taken one, that is not the concern of a good driver. He gives way to the ambulance.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, 32-year-old Nishanth said, “I have been with KMC MARS Ambulance as a driver since three years, and prior to that I was a driver for a trucking company. During this time of Covid-19 pandemic, my job has been very hectic, and during the last few days I had made six trips to Bengaluru from here to bring medical essentials, and twice had taken patients from here to Bengaluru. Recently, on 18 April, along with my co-driver Praveen (36) we transported a 6-years-old child ailing from liver problems, from Jyothi KMC Hospital to KMC Manipal Hospitals in Bengaluru. I love this job since it is something to do with saving lives of humans during the time of need. Even though sometimes I feel too emotional looking at the suffering of the patients, but in the same time it makes me proud that my service is needed during such time. I am happy to be with KMC MARS as their ambulance driver, and will do my best in performing my duties”.

So the next time you seen an ambulance, remember the risks and hazards that those dear drivers face. Suffice it to say that the information presented here apply with equal force to the entire members of the ambulance crew or paramedics. And here at KMC hospital, for the last few weeks it has been very tough on these people especially the ambulance service operators, during this Covid-19 pandemic. One such ambulance driver is Nishanth, and just to give you an idea the amount of pressure they go through in the last one week, he has visited Bengaluru FIVE times, either taking patients or bringing or delivering essential medical items. Last one was memorable he says transportation of essential items from Mangaluru to Bengaluru in Record time of 3:55 hours. Kudos to Nishanth of MARS. Long live their tribe!

“Namaskar KMC”! The Covid Warrior of the Day are the Friendly Telephone Operators :

“Namaskar KMC” !- a Friendly Voice greets you every time you call the hospital for appointments or inquires. They are the telephone operator in the Jyothi Circle KMC hospital. They are a team of THREE members doing shift duty. However COVID has imposed a greater responsibility and challenge on them, and handling calls from patients is not a easy job, where you have to bear with some arrogant patients.

They get nearly 1000 phone calls in their eight hours shift and it varies from casual inquiries to narration of serious issues and long drawn conversations by patients in distress. But this Team is doing real good in handling the calls in a friendly and polite manner- and that’s what customer relation should be.

Meet Delivery Boy Manu Manoj :

He is a Delivery Boy, and he works from 9 am to 9 pm. His daily task is delivering all the essential medical items ranging from masks, sanitisers and Medical consignment. And he is the person very much in demand these days, because everyone depends on him to get their needed items delivered to them in time and effectively, without any issues. The Covid Warrior of the Day is none other than ‘Manu Manoj’- the much needed Delivery Boy

Dr Kamath says- “I asked him does he have access to sanitizer? He says No.. So I gave him a bottle of sanitizer which I received and thanked him for doing this great service to the nation during this pandemic- and he thanked me immensely, with a blush. ” Sanitizers have become priced procession, and now practically all have vanished from the shelf. We thank Manu Manoj for carrying out his duties with dedication, and sincerity and with aplomb” said Dr Kamath.

“To me these doctors and paramedics are the bravest and should be called super heroes.The Wenlock hospital Virology team of nearly 10-12 members and the Covid team at KMC Hospital, working round the clock. They perform anywhere from 90-100 samples a day and load is only going to go up. We salute these heroes fighting from front-line in the battlefield” adds Dr Padmanabh Kamath. .

No doubt all these doctors, for some, they are heroes. For others, they are adventurers. And they are all doing their duties out of their sense of humanitarian responsibilities. Like Dr Kamath appreciated and saluted them, Team Mangalorean also appreciates the extraordinary service done by these health care fraternity at KMC Hospital-Jyothi Circle and District Wenlock hospital during this pandemic. And to these Doctors, Nurses, and Health Care staff treating the Covid-19 patients, and putting their lives in risk to save others lives, THANKS-A-MILLION and You all deserve BIG ACCOLADES.

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