‘Cervical Cancer-Prevention is Better Than Cure Always’- say Doctors

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‘Cervical Cancer-Prevention is Better Than Cure Always’- say Doctors

Mangaluru: Cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer in humans, the second most common cancer in women worldwide and the most common cancer cause of death in the developing countries.. The worldwide incidence of cervical cancer is approximately 510,000 new cases annually, with approximately 288,000 deaths worldwide. Cervical cancer is ranked as the most frequent cancer in women in India. India has a population of approximately 365.71 million women above 15 years of age, who are at risk of developing cervical cancer. The current estimates indicate approximately 132,000 new cases diagnosed and 74,000 deaths annually in India.

Cervical cancer occurs early and strikes at the productive period of a woman’s life. The advent of a vaccine against HPV has stirred much excitement to prevent cervical cancer deaths. The recommended age for initiation of vaccination is 9–12 years. Catch-up vaccination is permitted up to the age of 26 years. A total of three doses at 0, 2 and 6 months are recommended with Gardasil. Unlike other cancer sites, cervix can be subjected to screening for early diagnosis and treatment. However, despite the availability of various cervical cancer screening methods, as well as large burden of disease in India, there is no countrywide government-sponsored public health policy on prevention of cervical cancer by either screening or vaccination or both.This is a 3-5 year programme in 3 phases :

Phase 1. (Year 1): Shetty-Kim Research Foundation (SKRF-Prof A A Shetty and Prof S K Kim, UK based) and Human Achievers Foundation ( an NGO, based in India Chair person-Senorita Issac) supported by local MLA, Moideen Bava will be launching the vaccination programme in Surathkal; Phase 2.(Year 2-3)-Expand this programme to entire Mangalore district; and Phase 3.(Year 3-5)-Include cervical cancer screening.

Future projects – MOTHER AND CHILD HOSPITAL: Human achievers foundation intends to build a mother and child Hospital. Shortly the documentation process will start and will soon be able to provide health care services to rural masses by well qualified doctors. This project will be done in Mangalore north constituency.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT SCHEMES: The foundation will also provide a good platform for women empowerment by creating self-help groups. Under the skill Indiaprogram, courses like tailoring, beautician etc. will be conducted. Many programs have been chalked out to empower women in the coming months.

According to doctors, ‘prevention is always better than cure’. In order to spread awareness and vaccinate about cervical cancer, and also to support a unique initiative by Shetty Kim Research Foundation and Human Achievers Foundation a press meet was held at Taj Gateway, Mangaluru. Speaking on this occasion Dr. AA Sherry said ” Cervical cancer has become one of the most common cancer of modern world. Proper awareness and preventive measures are usually boon to fight this menace. Early detection allows doctors for better management of cancer. In this program, We will be vaccinating against cervical cancer in individual below 16 yrs. Ks hedge academy will also support this program.”

Also speaking on this occasion MLA Mohiuddin Bava, dynamic and young individual who hasn’t left any stone unturned for Development and wellbeing of individuals in his constituency said ” The minute we hear about cancer we lose hopes !!! This is because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Once early detected, Cervical cancer can be cured. We are extremely happy that, Shetty Kim research foundation and Human achievers foundation have come together for this noble cause. We will extend full support in this regard.”

About A.A. Shetty-the backbone of the entire project:

Dr Asode Ananthram Shetty is a non-residence Indian settled in United Kingdom, originally hails from Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka state. He is also one of the leading knee surgeon in the United Kingdom. He is recognised as one of the world expert in application of stem cell technology to treat patients. He has been awarded the prestigious Hunterian Surgical Medal and andHunterian Professorship for 2017 by the Royal College of surgeons of England, London.

Senorita Issac, Founder Chairperson, Human Achievers Foundation

A versatile social worker and business women Senorita Issac is working for promotion of rights and dignity of girls, women and child development. In the past she had also actively worked with Child development. A self made personality Ms.Issac is the founder of Human Achievers Foundation, which always believed that women are the real architects of society and children are the future of that society. For her, most important is, if she can do something to change the present situation of girls and women in the society, majority of whom live in abject deprivation of their basic human rights, for no other reason than that they are women.

In fact the discriminatory attitude towards woman starts from the womb itself where she gets killed starts from the womb itself where she gets killed being a female. So, under her stewardship Human Achievers Foundation has undertaken number of progammes from opening vocational centre’s for the marginalized women, organizing awareness/sensitization programmes and trainings for various stakeholders at regional and international level. The Foundation also offers programmes for the protection and relief of poor, aged, orphans and widows among others.


Prof. Seok Jung Kim is a professor of orthopedic surgery at the Catholic University, Korea. He also serves as director of the cell therapy center of Catholic University of Korea. As a vice-dean of catholic university, he served his effort and idea for development and progression of educational system. His main interest is ‘articular cartilage and bone regeneration’ for cartilage defect, osteonecrosis, fracture , non-union , etc. At present he is a Adjunct Professor of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, NITTE University

Santosh Kumar Singh, Secretary, Human Achievers foundation:

Santosh was born in Allahabad (UP), India in a middle class Hindu family hailing from Lalgunj, Raibareli District in Uttar Pradesh. He is controlling these establishments in last few years: DHL INFRABULLS INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED (Central India’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Company) – Founder Chairman; DHL BHARAT WORLDWIDE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED ( IT) – Founder Chairman; and MANKI YATRA TOURS & TRAVELS (On Line Ticketing Portal )– Founder Chairman. He is recipient of lot of awards and recognitions at national Level.

Oshanie Fernandes Saldanha:

Oshanie is an M.A. in Political Science from Delhi University. She’s worked widely in the field of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Prevention among the youth in India. She’s also been a part of the AIDS Vaccine programme in India. Oshanie brings with her a wide experience in student and youth activism on social health issues and will be an asset to the prevention of cervical cancer campaign.

Prof. Gopal Krishna Mahadev

Prof Mahadev is a leading surgeon in Breast Cancer & Disease and Reconstructive surgery in the UK. He mentors other Consultant Surgeons and is responsible for appointing other Consultant Surgeons in the UK. He has authored several books, scientific articles and has undertaken research in Education and methodology of learning. He is regarded as an excellent tutor, mentor and a Teacher. Prof Mahadev was appointed as a Chair to BPP University in March 2016 for his contribution to Medical education.

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