CFAL Students Achieve Outstanding Results in Prestigious IAPT Olympiad Exams

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CFAL Students Achieve Outstanding Results in Prestigious IAPT Olympiad Exams (Best Results in Mangalore & Udupi District)

Mangaluru: Demonstrating exceptional academic excellence, five students from Centre For Advanced Learning, Bejai Kapikad Road, Mangaluru (CFAL )have successfully qualified for the renowned Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) National Standard Examination (NSE), signifying their eligibility for the subsequent Indian National Olympiad (INO) examinations.

Among the qualifiers, three exceptional students, Ramesh D, Aashuthosh S Sharma, and Niyam Shyam Kotian, all from Grade 12, have been selected for the National Standard Examination in Astronomy (NSEA). Krish Shanbhag (Grade 12) and Shravana P. Bhat (Grade 11) have achieved the same feat in the National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB).

The NSEA and NSEB are renowned examinations known for their high level of competitiveness. They serve as the initial stage in the selection process for the International Olympiads in Astronomy and Biology, respectively. These examinations test the comprehension and practical application of concepts, attracting participants from various regions of India.

Out of the nationwide pool of candidates, only 258 students have been chosen for the NSEA (Group A), with 13 hailing from Karnataka. CFAL is incredibly proud to have three of its students among this esteemed cohort. Likewise, within the National Science and Engineering Board (NSEB), among the 344 students selected on a national level, 15 students hail from Karnataka, with two being affiliated with CFAL.

Vijay Moras, the program coordinator remarked, ” This success demonstrates the exceptional capability of Mangalore students to reach the top echelons in academics and represent our country in prestigious Olympiads. Since 2009, Centre For Advanced Learning (CFAL) has been instrumental in this journey, with its dedicated academic team playing a pivotal role in nurturing these talents. This achievement is not just a testament to our students’ hard work and talent, but also to the unwavering support of their parents who have been an integral part of this journey. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and are excited to see them continue their success in the INAO, INBO, and beyond.

Qualifying for the INO exams opens doors to numerous opportunities for these young aspirants. It paves the way for representing India at the International Olympiads, a platform that brings together the brightest young minds from around the globe. CFAL’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and nurturing talent is evident in these remarkable results. We congratulate our students on their achievements and wish them success in their future endeavours.

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