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Candida D?Souza

This incident happened a few weeks ago, me and two of my close friends were chatting outside a movie hall, when suddenly from behind someone called out my name. This person was a senior from my college who commented loudly, ?my goodness Candida you have changed a lot!!!? Well that was expected, because he had seen me as a total tom-boy in college days.
Change – the word itself invokes a lot of different emotions ? excitement, hope, anxiousness, happiness, dread?… Depends on the situation, doesn?t it???

As I was growing up and till date I have heard a zillion times the only constant is ?CHANGE?. How true!! I mean look at it ? biological changes oh? don?t worry, I won?t start from evolution that would take up just too many pages, I am sure we learnt a lot of that in our science class. Physical changes from infancy to old age, born as a toothless infant and changing into the same when we become old. Then there are personality changes, at least I remember myself as a tall gawky teenager with all the tom-boyish qualities that I could imbibe, to the adult that I am today. Yeah?yeah?go ahead and have a laugh. When you are surrounded with brothers and so many male cousins & friends, they have a tendency to influence your teenage years. Thank god over a period of time their influence wears-off! Professional changes which keep happening through-out our career span. The list can go on and on!

If you really sit down and think, our life is a whole bundle of changes, which leads us to have different experiences, making us unique individuals. Just imagine, the world would have been such a boring place otherwise. Shakespeare wouldn?t have said ?the world is a stage and we are all actors and actresses in it?
Thank god for ?change? ?that?s a different thing that he is aware of all the changes happening in our lives; but seriously whenever in life we encounter change, it like standing at cross-roads and making up our minds, it gives us the freedom to choose the paths we want to tread, enriching us throughout our journey.

Every time there is change in my life, it gets me thinking that there is not a single individual on this planet who is not affected by ? CHANGE. Yeah, I agree that change may not necessarily bring happiness, but I also believe in the adage ? ?Being happy doesn?t mean everything?s perfect; it just means you?ve decided to see beyond the imperfections? So go ahead and live life to the fullest, since god alone knows what the next ?change? has in store for you.

Author: candy dsouza- UAE

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