Chaos erupts during CMC meeting over Vishweshwaraiah building

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Chaos erupts during CMC meeting over Vishweshwaraiah building

Udupi: Chaos erupted in the City Municipal Council with the opposition and ruling party locking horns over the tender process of Vishweshwaraiah building during the general meeting held at the Sathyamurthy Auditorium, here on November 30.

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Opposition leader Yashpal Suvarna alleged that the CMC President Meenakshi Madhav Bannaje has accepted bribes from the builder whose tender was approved for the Vishweshwaraiah building.

Yashpal Suvarna asked for the details of the tender process for the Vishweshwaraiah building alleging irregularities. The CMC President in the previous general meeting had directed the CMC Commissioner Manjunathayya to hand over the documents. Yashpal hit out at the council saying that the documents were not given to the opposition councillors. The BJP members took the president to task by protesting in the council and demanded to produce the documents.

Congress members hit out at the BJP councillors and war of words were witnessed. The councillors then engaged in levelling allegations on each other.

As the war of words escalated in the council meeting, President Meenakshi adjourned the council for 10 minutes.

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As soon the council meeting commenced, Vice President of CMC Sandhya Tilak Raj alleged that Yashpal Suvarna used derogatory comments against the president and protested in the council. Sandhya alleged that the president was humiliated with derogatory comments. Yashpal Suvarna denied the allegations and countered Sandhya on facts.

Yashpal Suvarna challenged the Congress councillors to dissolve the council and gear up for fresh elections. He said that people will teach the Congress a good lesson in the coming elections. Ramesh Kanchan and Dinakar Shetty Herga got into heated arguments, Dinakar Shetty said that we are men and will face the elections, angered by it Kanchan asked Dinakar to come outside the council meeting to see the outcome.

Other issues like drinking water, sewage programme etc were widely discussed in the council.

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