Charles Gomes installed as President of Bangalore Chapter of Kanara Entrepreneurs Global

Charles Gomes installed as President of Bangalore Chapter of Kanara Entrepreneurs Global

Bengaluru: A well attended member audience of KE (Kanara Entrepreneurs)-Bengaluru, at Grand Magrath Hotel witnessed Charles Gomes being installed as the new president of the Bangalore Chapter of Kanara Entrepreneurs Global (KE). He takes over from the outgoing
president Adrian D’Souza.

KE – Bangalore was started in 2008 by FKCA in collaboration with KEL Dubai to promote entrepreneurship among individuals hailing from the Kanara region. With Chapters in Dubai and Bangalore, this forum currently has over 250 members. KE Bangalore has built bridges with other like-minded such as Rachana in Mangalore, Dimensions and CCCI in Mumbai, and thereby has built a network of around 1000 Entrepreneurs and Professionals from the Kanara region.

The outgoing President Adrian D’Souza thanked the BOD, former Presidents of KE and all the members of KE for their support and guidance which gave him all the zeal and gusto, over the past couple of years, to discharge his duties successfully. He also thanked Nigel Fernandes and Ajay Fernandes who were the outgoing director finance and director marketing and sponsorship respectively for their efforts and contribution to KE.

Incoming President Charles Gomes who incidentally was also the founder president of KE, comes back to play his second innings this time around. The CEO of a pharma unit based out of Bangalore, Charles is a successful entrepreneur, a professional speaker and has the experience of being at the helm of affairs of many organizations. In his opening address after taking over as the president of KE, Charles did mention that though he was the Founder President of KE 10 years ago, this time it would be more challenging for him to keep up with the standard, marvels and accolades earned for ME by the stalwarts who were
Presidents and their respective teams since 2008-2018.

Charles expressed the need for the members to be well connected with the organization, to make it growth-oriented and at the same he mentioned his target would be to double up the existing membership. Stan D’Souza and Arun Fernandes were elected as director finance and director marketing & sponsorship respectively. Roshan D’Silva, Reshma Saldanha and Leo Sequeira continue as director membership, director mentoring and director events respectively.

The star of the evening KE Global Chairman Ivan Fernandes oversaw all the required formalities and procedures for installing the new President and Directors and also administered the oath of office to them. He also obliged for a Fireside chat with Rohit Fernandes with the theme “Strategies for Success”. Rohit who also happens to be a successful, young entrepreneur and the CEO of Shipper, took back Ivan into time. Nostalgia filled the air as Ivan went on to narrate his life story right from his schooling days and humble beginnings to that gigantic leap to become a serial entrepreneur & CEO of many successful organizations.

Ivan spoke about critical decision making and finding elegant & people friendly solutions for enhancing business prospects which came a long way to place him, in that affluent position he is in today. Ivan Fernandes also honoured all the mentors from KE who took time out, over the past year to educate and guide students from Christ University & St. Joseph’s College of Management. A special mention must be made of Director Mentoring – Reshma Saldanha who successfully coordinated and arranged the mentoring sessions.

The curtains came down on a wonderful and interactive evening, but not before some soulful and harmonious musical performance to soothe the ears from two promising young musicians, Aarya Ganesan and Nadia D’Souza, who are pursuing a degree in music from the prestigious Berklee College of Music – Boston. The entire series of events unfolded with quality compering from George Timothy, while the vote of thanks was delivered by Reshma Saldanha.

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