Charli XCX needed wine to film with Lena Dunham

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Los Angeles, Dec 27 (IANS) Actress Lena Dunham “had to ply” singer Charli XCX “with a bottle of red wine” before she filmed tour videos with musician Jack Antonoff.

“We actually worked together, me, Lena and Jack, on the tour videos, and I’m like the worst actress in the world, so she had to ply me with a bottle of red wine before I could even do anything,” Charli was quoted as saying by BANG Showbiz, reports

The “Break the rules” crooner praised Dunham, for her efforts to turn her into a convincing screen star, but said she doesn’t think she has the talent to secure a cameo in the next season of the writer’s HBO comedy drama series “Girls”.

“She’s great. She’s wonderful and so cool, and it was cool working with her on that, but I don’t think I’m cut out for acting. Definitely not,” speaking about Dunham, she said.

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