""Name:  Kevin D’Souza
Age : 9 years
Father’s Name:  Stany D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Lynette D’Souza
Sister: Rovina D’Souza
Place of Residence: Dubai

Kevin is studying in Grade 4 at St. Mary’s High School, Dubai.  He loves Singing and has bagged many prizes in Konkani Singing competitions. He also loves to play cricket & karate.

My sister says i am a very good story teller, so i wrote one more for you!


Charlie was sitting alone hungry, his clothes were dirty & torn.  He was standing in front of a restaurant, his arms stretched out begging for a slice of bread.  The man at the restaurant frowned and said "am sorry, the rule is no money no bread". Feeling rejected he started crying and asked God for some food. Charlie held his hands on his stomach which was growling.  He moved on with his begging bowl.  People passed by without even looking at him.  Suddenly, a kind lady saw him & invited him to her house nearby and gave him food.  Charlie’s face brightened up, his eyes lightened and he started smiling and laughing. He thanked the lady with a pleasant smile. He sat down and started eating the delicious food. He thanked the kind lady again and went on his way jumping and dancing.

He went to a nearby playground and saw two children playing on the swing. Their parents were pushing the swing as the children shouted with glee.  How he wished he too had parents like them?

A man sitting on a bench was watching the boy from a distance. He saw the torn clothes of the boy and the begging bowl he was holding.  He called the boy and asked him to sit on the bench. He asked him his name and why he was begging.  Charlie told him he was an orphan. He told him how he wished he too had a mother and father.  He said he begged for food and money everyday. The man felt sad.  It reminded himself of 40 years back when he was in the same state wandering around and begging for food and money and how a rich man had adopted him. That rich man had changed his life and it was because of him he had become a big man today. Now he was going to do what his father did.  The man turned towards the boy, held his hand and told him "now onwards I am your father and you are my son, throw this begging bowl in the bin and come home with me.  I will give you food, clothes and also send you to school where you will study and become a big man".  He went home with his new father who introduced him to his new mother.  She gave him clothes and food to eat.  Charlie was surprised, he felt he was dreaming. He couldn’t believe that this day would ever come in his life. Together the new family went to the church, Charlie thanked God for giving him new parents, a new life and fulfilling his dreams.

~ Kevin D’Souza