Chelsea Handler makes bizarre revelation about sex life

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Los Angeles, Feb 12 (IANS) Comedian Chelsea Handler has made a bizarre statement on her sexual life, stating that she likes to get candid with everybody who works for her.

Handler talked about her sex life while appearing on TV show “CONAN” on Wednesday, reports

It began when host Conan O’Brien and Handler talked about her nude photograph taken in the shower which showed her bare derriere.

When asked if she exercises to maintain herself, Handler said: “Yeah, I do a lot of b**t stuff (with a trainer). His name is Ben Bruno. I also sleep with him sometimes.”

O’Brien tried to make it clear that it is “a casual thing”.

Handler said “it’s very casual”, but then revealed a more shocking fact.

“Like my tennis instructor, I sometimes sleep with him. Or my trainer, my landscaper, anybody I’m paying or renting, I want all to service me,” she said.

O’Brien was at a loss for words for a few seconds before Handler added: “Why not…we had a good time. Use up what I can use up.”

Handler felt like O’Brien was judging her, but the late-night show host said it wasn’t “judgment”, but “envy”.

Handler further revealed that she once didn’t have sex for a year.

Admitting that it wasn’t “intentional,” she said: “I went a full year without sex and I’ll never do it again”.

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