Chemistry PU Exam Postponed Again

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Bengaluru: The chemistry re-examination scheduled for March 31 was further delayed amid reports of leaked re-exam question papers being circulated over the social media.

According to sources, II PUC science students who were on their way to write the chemistry re-exam were in for a shock when the PU Board decided to call off the examination, after credible information from the police.

The hand written copies of the leaked question paper over the social media were compared with the original questions. Since the questions were found to be identical, PU Board Director, Pallavi Akurathi decided to postpone the examination.

New examination date is expected to be finalized by evening of March 31.

Second PU papers leaked again; Students protest

Bengaluru, (Agencies): Several students and their parents have launched protests across Karnataka after class 12 Chemistry papers were leaked once again. The move forced the board to postpone the pre-university course examination for the second time in last 10 days.

Last week, the Chemistry exam was postponed as the papers were leaked and the Board found out about it only after the exams were conducted on March 21.Over 1.4 lakh students have been affected with the development. The students appearing for the common entrance test have been especially affected as their regular examinations are still incomplete.

State BJP president and MP Prahlad Joshi demanded the dismissal of Primary and Secondary education minister Kimmane Ratnakar immediately. He said that Siddaramaiah must make a statement.

Reacting to the comments Siddaramaiah said, “I came to know that the Chemistry question paper has been leaked. It has happened for the second time. We will take necessary action. The BJP is politicising it.”

The last day of the Budget session of the state Assembly was disrupted by the angry MLAs of the opposition who demanded the strictest possible action against those responsible for the paper leak.

The preliminary inquiry into the first case of paper leak had revealed that it was leaked near an examination centre in a women’s college at Ballari, about 330 km from Bengaluru, and at a state-run college at Malur in Kolar district, 50 km.

The PUC exams in the state, equivalent to second year intermediate course or 12th class in central schools began on March 11 across the state, with 6.5 lakh students appearing in this academic year.

Exam paper leak: Students protest at PUC building in Bengaluru

Bengaluru,(Agencies): Students protested over repeated II PU Chemistry question paper leak in Bengaluru on Thursday.

Angry students pelted stones at the Department of Pre-University Education here.

Disgruntled students said they would not appear for the 12th standard re-examination again.

Bengaluru: Students angry over repeated question paper leak of class 12th,say “will not take re-examination anymore ” — ANI (@ANI_news) March 31, 2016

CM Siddaramaiah said we would find out people responsible for 12th standard question paper leak.

The Chemistry examination was held on Monday, March 21. The government issued an order cancelling the examination the same evening after reports of the paper leak were confirmed.

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8 years ago

Banana republique

8 years ago

Its really playing with kids sentiments. How many times they have to study for this paper . Chemistry is one of the tough subject. Its really sad . I feel pity for the kids.

Original R.Pai
8 years ago

“We will take necessary action” – Report quoting an individual who seems to be a state Chief Minister in a third-world country. The leakage of question papers is nothing new – It has been going on for decades. In he past, people just spoke about it and moved on as there wasn’t enough evidence. Today, the social media offers an unique window and coverage forcing these incompetent govt officials to admit the reality. No point in blaming our leaders when our society is corrupt by nature. It’s time to admit our moral failure if we want a better future. I… Read more »