Cherish The Love We Have

I don’t remember where exactly I had read this, probably in one of the millions of emails going back and forth everyday ? "To have a child is to decide to let your heart walk outside of you forever".   Probably one of the most relevant truths in the history of parenting isn’t it?

To the veterans, probably brings to mind the countless episodes of common cold or maybe something a little more drastic or worrisome. Those of us who are still new to the world of parenting, it bring shivers.  At the mall the other day, I saw a typical sight ? typical to the gulf country that is, a mother abbaya clad rapidly progressing towards a "sale" banner with a pram and the siblings trailing behind window gazing.  I wondered, whether her labour pains were less painful than normal? Of course not, so what’s with the nonchalance?  Conversing with an Arab colleague once, I discovered the only answer that would ever make sense "Ya mama he said, Allah gave and he will take care of them, what can we do more?"

Don’t we all know that, God blessed us with these little ones and he watches over them?  But I am sure the anxiety is always there.  There, when we read about drug trafficking, rapists on the move or even of a viral flu.  It is probably like the fear of death, a true and probably only fact of life, but present nevertheless.  I remember travelling in the BEST Bus and sitting on the front seat with my Aunt, it was around noon and the school children were on board, returning home.  They had all clustered near the exit though there were plenty of places to sit.  Every time the bus jolted or braked, my aunt would gasp as one of the school children hurled forward thoroughly enjoying themselves.  The Conductor after a couple of brakes told my aunt "Maaji you get up and sit somewhere behind, the kids will be fine at the end of the ride, you might have a heart attack," it sounded very funny back then.  But now, being a mother, I understand what she felt.

One of those unexplainable feelings, when we cry without a rhyme or reason when our children hug us or say they love us.  Or probably bring home something silly for us.  Funny how, we strive to give our children what we didn’t have, whether in terms of education, comforts or luxuries.  Forgotten are the times when children used to quiver at just a glance from the parents.  The good old days (SIGH)! What can we do to bring back those values?  That’s the million dollar question.  Parenting with all the additional CD’s, Books, THE WWW has become more difficult.  Fast food has become a way of life, and vegetables are long out of the dictionary of toddlers or preschoolers. 

I think the answer lies in our attitude (inbuilt perhaps) to take things for granted.  To demand and to assume that what we have and get in life is our right.  Somehow, if we stop and thank the Lord for everything that we have, even hair on head (ask the balding), good dental health (ask those who have caps on) or legs to walk with is a blessing from God.  My mother recently met with an accident, she lost her left heel and is currently bed ridden, though devastated at first, I stop to think of the worse possibilities that could have happened and remembered to thank the Lord that she will in time recover.  We have a lot of pains and aches and groans everyday, but when the real thing happens, then we realise the difference, isn’t it? 

""…To the veterans, probably brings to mind the countless episodes of common cold or maybe something a little more drastic ….""

I saw a Parents prayer and say it everyday now.  To ask for his help in bringing up the wards he has given to us for safe keeping.  I think it is vital and important to remember that we cannot do it alone without his help.  Or may be can’t do it right.  I have a friend who lost her baby boy, and I think of her every time I see children around me, God blessed her again, but I know things will never be the same.  The common cold is never common again, and the viral flu which we blame on the weather change, will probably driver her insane while it lasts.

So I cherish the blossoms I have been entrusted with, cherish them with all I have in me. For the times I spank them, or push them away, I ask forgiveness for those times.  To all parents, think of how important you are to be blessed with a little angel in your life.  God considered us worthy and trusted us, don’t let him down.

I think that’s life in a nutshell for us and our ancestors "Passing it down to the NEXT GEN" our little angels: OUR CHILDREN – HEARTS OUTSIDE US. 

Author: Tina Miranda- Kuwait