Chilean footballer Diaz says he was target of carjacking

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Santiago, (IANS) Chile and Hamburg midfielder Marcelo Diaz said he and his wife were the targets of an attempted carjacking here over the weekend.

The incident occurred on Saturday night outside a relative’s house in the capital, the 28-year-old Diaz said, Efe reported on Monday.

“They wanted to take our SUV. They came with a lot of violence, with firearms, intimidating us, the only thing we tried to do was take off,” Diaz said.

The carjacking was foiled when Diaz’s father-in-law came out of the house and fired two shots, causing the assailants to flee.

Diaz said there was a struggle with the assailants, who pointed a gun at him and his wife.

“Who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t come out shooting, maybe they would have fired at us,” Diaz said, referring to his father-in-law’s quick actions.

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