Chrissy Teigen, Tyra Banks ‘barely speaking’

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Los Angeles, June 16 (IANS) Model Chrissy Teigen and TV personality Tyra Banks are said to be barely speaking to each other on the set of their new show “The FAB Life”.

Acoording to a source, the duo are “so different” that they are just not gelling well, reports

“You never put two supermodels on the same show together. Especially when one’s more than 10 years younger than the other.

“They are so different. Tyra thinks about everything. She thinks about what to say, down to when to move her arm. Chrissy is from the new school, where she says whatever she wants,” the source said.

On the show, Banks, who is also executive producing, is said to be leading “a panel of diverse lifestyle experts”.

It is said that ABC asked Tyra to cast Teigen as a “social media expert”. However, the pair are unlikely to appear on the screen too much together.

The source added: “Don’t look for her and Chrissy to co-host many segments together”.

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