Christian Fraternity Observes Good Friday at Rosario Cathedral

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Christian Fraternity Observes Good Friday at Rosario Cathedral

Mangaluru: The Friday before Easter, Good Friday, is one of great significance to Christians around the world. It was observed with great faith and devotion in the diocese on April 14.

On Good Friday, the services in all the churches had the Gospel reading of St John, which was read in a singing intonation and consisted of the first part of the liturgical service.

As is the custom every year, Bishop Dr Aloysius D’Souza led the congregation in prayerful worship at the Rosario Cathedral in Mangaluru. The sufferings of Christ were recited by the Bishop along with the other priests.

The second part was the unveiling and veneration of the Cross, and the third part was the receiving of the Eucharist.

In his homily, Fr Vincent D’Souza said that the feelings that the Lord had for us humans was boundless. Continuing Fr Vincent said, ”When we recall the suffering of Christ, one can realize how his feelings were when he was dying on the cross. There are no limitations for human feelings. Jesus died an unnatural death; he did not commit any sin but he died for our sins to save us from the fire of hell. We need to understand the meaning of relationships. We need to bring peace in our families and we need to forgive others like Jesus did”.

Recalling a story of a man Principal of Rosario College Fr Vincent said, “Once a man who was with his friend in a bar, out of rage stabbed his friend to death. When other people who were at the bar witnessed the incident, the man who had stabbed and killed his friend fled from the bar. As he was trying to escape, people followed him. The man soon entered a Christian’s house, explaining to the owner of the house what had happened and the death of his friend, he begged for shelter. The owner of the house seeing the man and the blood stained clothes he was wearing said, “I have only one room and it is difficult to accommodate you. He then said, give me your blood stained shirt and you wear mine.” The killer agreed to wear the shirt of the house owner and escaped from the people. But the people who were searching for the killer caught hold of the house owner, thrashed him well and handed him over to the police. The police filed a murder case against him and finally the innocent was given the death sentence. When the actual killer came to know that the innocent man will be hanged because of him, he ran to the police station and confessed his crime. But the police were not ready to listen to him, they asked him to go to the court. When the killer went to the court and confessed his crime, the judge said, “I am sorry, We have already hanged the man”. Likewise, Jesus was innocent and he died for our sins. He did not commit any crime but he was crucified for our sins. In our life, we should follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary. We need to be good to others and show to the world that we are the followers of Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from sins.”

The body of Jesus Christ was lowered from the cross and later taken in a procession.

Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr J B Crasta, Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu, Asst Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr Paul D’Souza and Principal of Rosario College Fr Rockey Fernandes were also present.

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  1. Kindly permit me to express my views on Forgiveness of sins in the Old Testament and Redemption in the New Testament

    Some Christians have raised the issue of relevance of animal sacrifice in the present times and why we do not practice it anymore. To explain this we need to understand.
    A) Difference in forgiveness of sins in the Old Testament and New Testament.
    B) The meaning of the word “paradise” needs to be understood in context of what Jesus said in Luke 23:43.

    Following are my views on,
    a) In the Old Testament times though there was forgiveness of sins, THOSE WHO DIED IN GRACE DID NOT GO TO HEAVEN. They were placed in a place called paradise. The reason being the dominion of Satan could be broken by the blood of the Lamb that was to be shed on the cross. Only Blood of Lamb has redemptive value. It is worthwhile to know that sins were cast on a goat (not on Lamb) and sent into the desert as a food for desert demon (Lev 16:22) and not to Satan.

    b) We know that Jesus told the repentant thief “TODAY you will be in paradise with me (Luke 23:43). But we also know that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. It quite clear from this paradise in not in heaven, rather a place all the people who were worthy to enter heaven were placed in. This is so for God himself had willed that Jesus should be the first one to rise from the dead and He should be first in all things.(col 1:18-19) .Again in this context we must understand why Jesus said in Jn 6:46“ Nobody has seen the Father except the one who came from him” .Further it must be realised that Lord was the God to whom the animal sacrifices were offered.

    c) Meaning of redemption
    Satan is the ruler of the earth. Even though Jesus has defeated Satan by his death and resurrection on the cross he has been given some time( Rev20:3). Redemption means ransoming. Ransom was paid by way of the blood Jesus shed on the cross for the forgiveness of sins (Mat 26:28). Therefore the ransom(exit pass ) can be claimed only through forgiveness of sins by Jesus. In this lies the very message of salvation.(Luke 24:47)

    It is quite clear from the above animal sacrifices cannot atone for our sins anymore but only repentance and forgiveness in the name of Jesus can save us. Only the blood of Christ has redemptive value.

    Why must we forgive?

    God is almighty as such there cannot be more than one God. Religion is all about understanding God and there are irreconcilable differences in understanding God between religions. Nevertheless we all are children of the same God.

    Christian understanding is that we all must come to the knowledge of God’s love through Christ. (1 Timothy 2:1-5 Jn 3:16).

    When we get angry with somebody we either begin to hate that person or become fearful of him. Both these situations are bad and cause problems. But when we pray to Jesus to bless our enemy and give him good things in life he will set us free from hatred and fear and protect us. He will take upon Himself the problem. We must not forget that vengeance belongs to the Lord. (Romans 12:19 Deut 32:35). Jesus will give our enemy many opportunities to change him. This is why we very often think that wicked people get away with their sins. If he persists with his wickedness the Lord will take away all the graces from him (Psalm 51:11) and his heart will be hardened (Exodus 9:12) and our enemy will set himself on the path of self destruction like Pharaoh.

    Furthermore it is also important that we pray to our Guardian angel for protection.

    John Crasta

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