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""Name : Richa Alvares
Date of Birth : 21 – 1 – 1999
School : Grade 3, Doha Modern Indian School, Qatar
Father : Vinaydeep Alvares
Mother : Joyce Alvares
Place of residence: Doha, Qatar

Richa Loves to read and dabble with paint. Since the age of three, her favorite character has been Winnie the Pooh. Richa says "I love my Abba(Grandpa) a lot". She is very affectionate kid and loves to play with her friends and her little sister Rhea all the time. Richa loves it when her mother exhibit her drawings on the kitchen wall.

One day there was a little girl in the garden looking at flowers. Her father came to the garden and told her "Mummy is dead". So the little girl started crying.

Suddenly she heard a voice calling out "Cinderella, Cinderella". The little girl was happy thinking that it was her mother calling her. When she turned around she was sad to see that it was her stepmother and her two stepsisters. Her father soon died.

As she grew bigger, she had to sweep the floors, clean the windows, stitch dresses, feed the farm animals and cook for them. One day, there was a ball in their town arranged by the prince. But Cinderella was not allowed to go. Her fairy godmother came to her rescue. She changed the mice into horses and her dog into a coachman. Her ragged clothes were changed into a beautiful gown. She married the prince, killed the stepmother and her stepsisters. Then she lived happily ever after.


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