City’s Alternative Rock Band ‘Garden Square’ Unleashes their New Single ‘It’s Like Flying’

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City’s Alternative Rock Band ‘Garden Square’ Unleashes their New Single ‘It’s Like Flying’

 Mangaluru: “The message is in the music, now if you’re ready the band’s got the notion, To in motion-Well now it looks like the big fun has just begun- Let’s rock the house, Let’s shock the house, Boom boom shake the room-Let’s rock the shock the house all night, All right.. don’t stop don’t stop, Oh bang that thing to the beat of the drum. Now the rhythm’s making you, Wanna dance and sing, And otherwise do your thing, Well swing to the music,Woo, Listen. So here’s to your health now especially. Make it funky. The house starts rocking, When the drummer starts socking. So party inside and out yeah.Shout to the music now- Let’s rock the house. Let’s shock the house- Music from the soul of man, and the heart of woman”-yes, that’s how the scene is when Mangaluru’s newest Alternative rock Band ‘GARDEN SQUARE’, hits the stage for a live gig!

Their playing can be described with one word: CAPTIVATING! They mesmerize with their passionate playing to hold the audience spellbound, and the audience give them a well-deserved applause. Their performance is filled with a potency that gives the music life and vibrancy, and the band members will tear into it with an intensity that will be overwhelming. They are a dynamic group whose personal connection lends poignancy to their music and spark to their performances.

Yes, ‘Garden Square’ is truly an alternative rock band from Mangaluru City, which was initially formed by a group of friends during their Engineering studies to compete in various ‘Battle of Bands’ in and around the city of Mangaluru, and it slowly grew to something much bigger. The band developed its unique sound by stitching together the different styles each member had individually in different genres, creating an overall sound which took a turn towards an entirely new experience of Alternative Rock.

As the band started to hit various stages across the State, it started to get its own unique image with the use of synths, dual lead guitars, melodic compositions and a pinch of progressive elements brought out in a very strong way! In April 2019, the band released its first single “Bars and Chains” produced by Devdathan Nair, entirely developed from the experiences obtained by the band through their participation in countless “Battle of Band’s”. The result was a song with a very competitive spirit.

Pulsating, heart stopping reels and jigs, their music defies an audience to remain seated–simply exhilarating! Whether mesmerizing the audience with slow Alternative Rock hits or busting bow hair on foot-stomping heavy rock hits, these musicians can deliver, straight from their heart. With their superb stage performances, “Garden Square’ could be a much appreciated live act throughout Mangaluru, when they plan on scheduling their live gigs. The band members have a colourful embodiment of talents that spreads positivity around them. Their performances and their music has brought a sense of freshness which grabs the listener with a new found energy.

Their unique Alternative rock influences have brought them firmly into the spotlight of mainstream. Their music is full of life and you will enjoy their performance when they go live. Their music is often so well blended that you will experience the honey like smooth consistency in it. No doubt, ‘Garden Square’ is one of the upcoming thrilling, innovative acts on the music alternative-rock scene, with the unique reputation of enthralling audiences in any kind of setting-from college music festivals, live concerts to pub gigs. One has to watch these guys play live- their prominent electric guitar riffs, bright synthesizers, a homogeneous sound and message, and the pitch-correcting software Auto-Tune are superb. This “peppy” band who are heavy on clipped rhythms and chugging guitars and mesmerizing keyboards are sure to entertain everyone once they are on stage live.

Hailing from diverse genres in music, “Garden Square”, is a Mangaluru based Alternative Rock Band featuring SIX introverts, namely Vocalist- Galvin Fernandes; Lead Guitarist’s- Melroy D’souza & Nazreth D’souza; Rhythm Guitar- Rayner Fernandes; Bass- Melrick Pais; and Drums- Vishakh Salian. The power of each song performed by the band is just exceptional – awesome vocals, awesome arrangement of instruments. Once the band starts performing they let you get lost into a real word of rock! A worth listening for each and everyone out there! Seriously! Brilliant Songs all round! Simply superb; Great music.. All the band members are awesome at what they do. This band is amongst the few bands who revive the true power of Alternative Rock , and for the alternative rock music buffs witnessing the live concert from these guys, they will know that ‘Garden Square’ is definitely the best Alternative Rock band around.


Galvin Fernandes is the vocalist and the Co-founder of Garden Square. Inspired by the bands such as Queen, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Panic at the disco and Led Zeppelin. He tries to get the perfect blend of classics and New Age music when he writes melodies and lyrics. He derives inspiration from his personal experiences and also the people around him to deliver a compelling story through his lyrics. Driven by passion and known for his powerful vocals. He puts his heart into the music, and always strives to bring out the best in the band.


Rayner Fernandes is the Rhythm Guitarist and the Co-founder of Garden Square. Rayner grew up listening to Hard Rock, Metal, Electronic Music, Alternative Rock/Pop and had extreme interest in Music technology and studied how it evolved over time. During his engineering days and the early days of the band, he pushed the technical aspects of the band and integrated it in the songwriting process, making the band go in a direction where it could push the boundaries of tech and keep making music in an ever refreshing way.


Melroy D’souza is the Lead guitarist and the Co-founder of Garden Square. His major influences are John Mayer, B B king, Eric Clapton, which has led to a unique style in his playing and writing stunning, expressive and engaging solos that truly makes the guitar speak. He puts a huge emphasis on feel, as he believes that every guitar solo has a story of its own. Also being the other lead guitarist of the band, he adds a lot of harmony and compliments the vocals in a very unique way.


Nazreth D’Souza is the Lead Guitarist and the Co-founder of Garden Square. Grew up with Electronic Rock Influences from the bands such as Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, ColdPlay and other such Alternative Rock artists which led to him developing his own songwriting style. Over the recent years Nazreth’s main influences have been Plini, I built the Sky and Steve Vai. In the meantime Nazreth has also integrated his artwork and other visual aspects into their music, taking the bands alternative style in a very unique direction.


Melrick Pais is the Bassist and the Co-founder of Garden Square. He has incorporated elements from Alternative/Hard rock and punk/pop rock bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ghost B. C., and My Chemical Romance. Progressing with simple yet best sounding groves, backing up the entire band with massive bass lines and also writing lyrics and concepts, creating a whole new vibe to our songs.


Vishakh is the Drummer and the Co-founder of Garden Square. Vishakh is very much influenced by the bands such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Dire straits. Started with drumming at a young age, self-learned musician and has integrated Classic rock and punk rock influences in his drumming techniques. He has got a very unique, unpredictable and creative essence that contributes a lot to the band.

2020 looked as a very promising year for the band and the band, regardless of the pandemic continued composing their music. Around this time the band began to work with their new producer Roger Loren who helped them throughout this period, guiding them to get the best out of their alternative style while also keeping the competitive spirit that had been set at the core of the band right from the start. The band went through numerous experiences, some very tough on its members during this period, but this only made their music stronger setting a course for their long run. And on 25 October 2020 the Band released their new single “IT’S LIKE FLYING’ produced, mixed and mastered by Roger Loren.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean on the Band’s new single “It’s Like Flying”, Galvin Fernandes, the Co-Founder of ‘Garden Square’ said, ” The Eagle is considered one of the most elegant of entity’s in nature which goes through a second birth by isolating itself halfway through its life. The very essence of this spirit is what lies at the core of “It’s like Flying” to its very flesh and bones. It aims to connect with people on a level that can help them move forward and redefine themselves regardless of circumstance. This transformation is beautifully portrayed in the song from its roaring guitars at the beginning to the epic conclusion at the end. ‘It’s like flying’ is sure to take its listeners on a trip!

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