CM himself trying to divert Ganapathi Suicide Case – Poojary

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DySP Ganapathi’s Statement is Dying Declaration – Poojary

Mangaluru: “DySP Ganapathi’s statement before committing suicide is a dying declaration,” said senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the District Congress Office here, on July 9.

Addressing the media persons, Poojary said that DySP was an honest police officer and his death is a shock to the entire state. “DySP Ganapathi is a native of Kodagu. Field Marshal Cariappa, General Thimayya and many others from Kodagu have dedicated their lives to the country. Now, Kodagu district has lost an honest police officer DySP Ganapathi. His suicide is not a state level or national level news, but it has shocked the entire world.”


Poojary further said, “On July 8, I received a call from the USA, questioning my silence in the Ganapathi suicide case. The woman on the phone questioned me so to why I had not reacted to Ganapathi’s suicide? I answered her that I would speak on this incident to the media on July 9.”

Poojary continued and said that Ganapathi’s suicide is a sensitive issue and it should be investigated thoroughly. “Before dying, he has given a statement that he had been harassed by the former Home Minister and two senior police officers. No dying man will give a false statement before his death. His statement is a dying declaration; it should be considered and action has to be taken against all the three persons whose names have been stated. A dying declaration is considered as credible and trustworthy evidence. Instead of filing an FIR against all the three, the government is trying to protect them. Why did the Chief Minister not file an FIR till now against former home minister K J George?” questioned Poojary.

He further said, “This case is very sensitive but the chief minister has not understood its sensitivity. A dying man accused a cabinet minister. The CM should be fair enough to file an FIR against the minister and take action against him. Even after listening to the statement of Ganapathi that clearly accuses Mohanty, Parasa and K J George, why has there been no arrest? People are not fools. They feel that the government is killing the party. You [Siddaramaiah] have created a situation which will lead the Congress to commit suicide. What is your culture? Your culture is not Congress culture.”


Blaming Siddaramaiah of destroying the party, Poojary said, “I had thought that Chief Minister could remain in power for another 15 years. The Congress brought independence to the country and a number of people sacrificed their life for the party. The people wanted Congress party to rule, but what are you giving them to back? You are killing the party for one person. Is a single politician more important than the party?”

Poojary also said, “I have seen the statement of the CM that the case has been handed over to the CID. It is wonderful but the CID is a state-owned investigating agency. Will it be able to do a fair and impartial investigation? The people are demanding that the case should be handed over to the CBI. KJ George should resign from his post. If he does not resign, the CM should drop him from the cabinet and file an FIR against him. If George has any respect, trust, love and hope, let him face the consequences and regain his credibility.”

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  1. Ignoring his usual rants (Congress Party brought independence to the country??? LOL LOL), Jannana deserves a few points for being honest enough to call out his Party chief and others involved in this case. This is way better than stenographers and ‘Beef Club’ members who don’t have an honest bone in their body!!

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