CM Inaugurates Birth Centenary of Indira Gandhi, Criticizes Modi on demonetization

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CM Inaugurates Birth Centenary of Indira Gandhi

Mangaluru: The Birth centenary of the first woman prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi was celebrated at the Nehru Maidan, here on November 19.

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The programme began with an invocation. District minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai welcomed the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by the chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

Addressing the gathering Siddaramaiah said, “Today the congress party is celebrating the birth centenary of former prime minister Indira Gandhi. All over the country, the congress party is remembering Indira Gandhi and paying tribute to her because many of us have been inspired by her work. KPCC President Dr Parameshwar and KPCC working President Dinesh Gundu Rao organized the birth centenary celebrations of Indira Gandhi in association with the DK District congress committee. I would like to thank the KPCC president and the DK District congress for giving me an opportunity to inaugurate this programme”.

CM further said, “After becoming the prime minister, on July 19, 1969, Indira Gandhi nationalised 14 banks and brought a revolution in the banking sector. Before the nationalisation of the banks, only the corporate world was given access to the banks and the poor, the farmers, small scale industries were deprived of the banking facilities. After the nationalisation of the banks, led to credit being channelised to agriculture and small and medium industries, the Act also resulted in a lot of delegated legislation”.

Recalling the sudden demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by Modi, CM Siddaramaiah said, “Demonetization is not the first in this country, Morarji Desai had also demonetized Rs 5000, and Rs 1000 notes but Modi started Mann Ki Baat in the Rs 2000 note”. Congress is not against Modi’s demonetization, we welcome it but he did not have the far-sight like Indira Gandhi had. Modi delivered a speech and said that he will bring out all those who have black money and spoil their sleep, but the black money holders did not face any problems. If we see the long queue in front of the ATMs or banks, we cannot find a single black money holder in the queue. But Modi has spoiled the sleep of the poor people, farmers and small-time businessmen who are standing in the hot sun to withdraw their hard earn money. Modi has released Rs 2000 note but there is no change we can get for the Rs 2000 note. Before releasing the Rs 2000 denomination, Modi should have printed small denomination notes of Rs 100 and smaller first. If Modi would have thought about the consequences of demonetization, he would not have done this. Today even the opposition is against the demonetization.”

He further criticised and said, “Because of demonetization of notes, 42 people have lost their lives. Out of the 42, has any of the rich or black money holder died? Who has benefited by the demonetization? Modi wanted to bring the black money out. This is not a Tughluq darbar. Modi and his government are directly responsible for all the problems in the country. Indira Gandhi had made the entire world look towards India. She was a great leader to the entire world.

CM Siddaramaiah also said, “The Congress party workers should be very careful with the BJP because they are brainwashing the youth. The BJP’s agenda is to create communal hatred in the society in the name of Hindutva. Every citizen who is born in this country has the freedom to practise the religion of his/her choice, we should respect other religions. This country does not belong to one particular religion. We are now celebrating the year-long Birth Centenary of our great leader Indira Gandhi for peace, harmony and unity in the society. Indira Gandhi’s dedication and sacrifice for the country should be our inspiration. We should follow in her footsteps. A Yatra will be organised from Ullal to Udupi under the theme of “Congress Nadige – Samarasyada Kadige”.

Minister for Food and civil supplies U T Khader also spoke on the occasion. Chief Whip of state Legislative Council Ivan D’Souza compered the programme. Home minister Dr G Parameshwar, KPCC Working president Dinesh Gundu Rao, former minister Abhaychandra Jain, MLA J R Lobo, MLA Moideen Bava, former minister Motamma and others were also present.

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