CM’s Wife Queues up as Commoner at Chamundi Temple

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CM’s Wife Queues up as Commoner at Chamundi Temple

Mysuru: In an age where politicians are prominently seen being accompanied by their wives, Parvati, the spouse of chief minister Siddaramaiah, has kept a low profile all along.


Barring a few occasions like offering ‘baagina’ to river Cauvery to seek a bountiful blessing of water, otherwise she is never a face in public domain. The CM’s opponents have tried to pull his legs by demanding to know as to why he was not bringing his wife out.

A few months ago, when he bought an expensive, supposedly ‘waterproof’ sari for her, that too was made an issue by his detractors.

Friday, July 22 was the third Friday of the Ashadha month of Durmukha year. It had special significance for Shri Chamundeshwari temple here. Pujas began early morning at 3-30 am.


Thousands of devotees thronged the temple for a darshan of the deity from early hours. Another significant event occurred on the day. Just as everyone else, a low-profile personality also patiently waited in the queue for hours and managed to take her turn around 8-30 am.

Unlike the wives of most of the politicians, Parvati Siddaramaiah, did not throw her weight around. In fact, until she came close to the point of darshan, no one had even noticed her. Most of the devotees around did not recognize her even.

She avoided all limelight. When the word spread around as she was leaving the temple, she even avoided being photographed and left in a hurry.

Some police personnel who were on duty and who had known her ensured her easy and quick passage out of the premises.

Many of those around wished that the wives of other leaders too could follow her example.

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