College Students assault KSTRC Bus Driver at Padubidri

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College Students assault KSTRC Bus Driver at Padubidri

Updates: The Padubidri Police have registered case against Kaushik, Jovial, Nehal, Chinthan, Hithesh, Dhanush, Sourav, Akash and Adithya.

Udupi: A group of Students assaulted a KSRTC bus driver for not giving way at Pudubidri here on Saturday, December 3.

According to police, “On December 3, at around 4:45am, a KSRTC (Rajahamsa) bus on its way to Bhatkal via Kundapur from Bengaluru. At Padubidri, a group of Students from a reputed college were going on a jolly ride on their bikes. When the bus driver Girish Kumar honked the horn signalling to give way, all the 9 bikes blocked the road with their bikes and did not allow the bus driver Girish to overtake. Later the bus driver overtook the bikes and proceeded towards Kundapur.

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Overtaking of the bikes by the bus driver angered the students, the students then chased and waylaid the bus near the petrol pump at Padubidri and thrashed the driver Girish. Immediately the cleaner of the bus informed the police. The Padubidri police reached the spot and took the students, cleaner and driver into custody.

The students blame that the bus hit their bike injuring them. A case has not yet been registered in this incident.

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  1. “A case has not yet been registered in this incident” concludes report.

    Interesting! Two groups fought in the middle of highway and still police are thinking about registering case? What a country!!

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