Colombia coach Peckerman regrets loss to Venezuela

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Santiago, June 15 (IANS) Colombia’s football team coach Jose Pekerman said he regretted his team’s 0-1 defeat against Venezuela in a Copa America contest.

Pekerman, who looked low and sad on Sunday, analysed the Colombian defeat against Venezuela in their first match in this edition of Copa America, reports Xinhua.

“We regret the defeat and we congratulate Venezuela for being a great rival,” said Pekerman at the end of the game.

He also referred to the team’s performance. “We could not connect and complete the plays that we usually do. We had trouble.”

“This is a typical debut game in Copa America, where teams take time to find their own rhythm. Sadly, the result of this game does not help us.”

About Brazil, Colombia’s next rival, Pekerman said: “We will not change our game system, all the rivals are important.”

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