Colorful Clown

""Name: Kritanjali Saha
Age: 8 Years
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi
School:  IV Standard,  Leens School Abu Dhabi
Name of Father: Kaushik
Name of Mother: Khrisna

I am the only  child to my parents.   I love my school, my teachers  and all my friends. I have a friend whose name is Kushi.  She tries to bring so much joy in my life and we play together. 


My name is Kritanjali  and I am studying in Grade IV  at Leens School Abu Dhabi.   I   like to watch cartoons on TV like Ching Chang, Disney, Tom & Jerry  and  Mr. Bean is my favorite.  During my visit to India my parents took me out for a circus.    I saw some clowns entertaining the crowd.  It was so much fun to see them entertaining the crowd.

I  took part in the coloring competition organized by  Tiffany and and won the First   prize in the Junior category.  Hope you like  my  colorful  Clown   who is so much fun.  May your life be as colorful as the clown in the picture.