Come Walkin on Water and try Surfing – The New Sport Soon to Boom in India

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Come Walkin on Water and try Surfing – The New Sport Soon to Boom in India

Surfing, while only young and fairly new in India, is a huge sport throughout the world and continues to grow and boom. It is an adrenalin charged sport where a person can feel at one with nature.

In the most traditional and most popular form of surfing, a person lies on a board in the water where there are waves and then when a wave is approaching they paddle for and catch the wave. Once a wave is caught the surfer stands up to their feet and rides that wave standing on the board.

As a surfer improves and gets better, they are able to manoeuvre and turn the board across the wave and ideally do this on the wave before it has broken. The better a surfer gets, the bigger the waves they normally like to catch and ride and the more adrenalin and greater the natural high a person experiences.

A person can ride a longboard (also known as a malibu or mal) or a shortboard when surfing. Other types of boards include mini mals, fish and fun boards. Surfboards are all different lengths, widths, thicknesses and shapes and can also have one, two, three, four or even five fins depending on the board and the surfer’s preference. Many people will have different boards for a different feel and for different waves when surfing.

Other disciplines in the sport of surfing include body boarding – where a person lies on a much shorter soft rectangular shaped board called a body board or Stand Up Paddle Boarding where someone remains standing on their board which is generally a much larger board with greater volume and propels themselves through the water by using a paddle. There is also body surfing where one needs no equipment and it is simply a matter of catching and riding the wave with one’s own body.

Surfing is growing in India where it is on the verge of an explosion. There are a number of surf schools and surf clubs teaching people to surf found throughout Coastal India.

So when you get a chance, if you are looking for something new to do, something full of excitement and thrills plus something that is great fun, healthy and where you will have a lot of laughs then you need to give surfing a go. At Panambur Beach, Walkin’ On Water Mangalore, Panambur’s only surf school, has just opened its doors to introduce you to the fun and excitement of this amazing sport.

You can now come and learn with internationally qualified professional surf instructors in professional surf lessons here in Mangalore. Whether you are a strong swimmer or not, you can still give it a try. Safety is always the number one priority at Walkin’ On Water Mangalore. The Surf School’s Beginner Learn to Surf Lessons are done in shallow water where participants can always stand up and touch the bottom. Safety is further maximised with safe soft surfboards being used in all lessons and all the fully qualified instructors also have international standard surf lifeguard qualifications.

Surfing is a great fun activity for all ages from 6-year-olds through to adults and those in their later years.

There are many options to choose from including single lessons, multiple lesson packages, season memberships and there are often excellent value specials and deals. If you act fast you can still get the January Special which includes one FREE Lesson. Also, if there is a group of you, you can ask about a group discount.

For those that have never surfed before, the comprehensive beginner lessons teach you the basic techniques on land before heading into the water and practicing in the small waves in shallow water where the Surf Instructor will help all surfers to catch waves and assist them to ride the wave through to the sand.

For those already with some experience, the instructors will give professional feedback and coach to improve and progress the current skills.

For more information, visit the Walkin On Water Mangalore website (, email them ( or call/message 99721 13538 or 99434 40134

You can also visit their FaceBook or Instagram pages (walkinonwatermangalore) to see photos and videos of others trying it. These might hopefully get you inspired to come and try a completely new and often addictive new healthy sport and pastime.

Some of India’s most revered cricketing stars are keen surfers as well including Jonte Rhodes (who is the Surfing Ambassador for the Surfing Federation of India), Murali Vijay and Matthew Hayden so come and try your hand at this super fun and exciting new sport!

by Jamo Borthwick

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