Confiscate B’luru rioters’ properties like Yogi did: Karnataka MP

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Confiscate B’luru rioters’ properties like Yogi did: Karnataka MP

Bengaluru: Bengaluru South Member of Parliament Tejasvi Surya on Wednesday advised Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa to go the Yogi Adityanath way in confiscating the rioters’ properties to compensate for the loss to public property.

“I request Yediyurappa to confiscate and attach the properties of the rioters and compensate the losses to public property in the same way as the Adityanath government did in Uttar Pradesh,” the BJP MP said.

In the wake of the riots, arson and vandalism by some people on Tuesday night, he added that Bengaluru is known for its peaceful atmosphere.

“Bengaluru is known for its peace and harmonious society. We must protect this strength of our city at all costs,” said Surya.

The young parliamentarian attacked a couple of state Congress politicians for their statements.

He criticized former Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Dinesh Gundu Rao over his statement on the riots.

“Look at how Miya Gundu Rao is cleverly blaming the victims and sparing the perpetrators. Your stunning silence in not condemning Muslim rioters exposes how your party is completely complicit with Jihadi elements,” said Surya.

Rao alleged that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary B. L. Santosh was using the Bengaluru riots to gain political mileage.

Rao said, “His (Santosh’s) statement is a crude attempt to communalise the issue, aimed at dividing on caste lines. Pathetic and deplorable. That’s what BJP and RSS do best, play politics with dead bodies.”

Surya did not spare former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah either.

Siddaramaiah condemned both the violent riots at Kaval Byrsandra and also the social media post which triggered the riot. He requested both the communities to stay calm and maintain peace.

Reacting to the statement from Siddaramaiah, Surya said, “This is the classic spin of secularists — to falsely equate two disproportionate events. By doing so, they try to exonerate perpetrators of violence, justify their acts as warranted and most importantly, blame alleged instigators for the mishap. The script has gotten stale, Sir”.

Three people died in police firing, 60 policemen were injured and several vehicles were set ablaze in Bengaluru on Tuesday night after Congress MLA Akanda Srinivas Murthya’s nephew Naveen posted a derogatory message on social media. He has since been arrested.

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  1. Although rioting is condemnable but he says, only Hindus are licensed to riot? Why didn’t he speak up when Delhi was burning? Or is he selective. The law should punish all without their background, social standing or religion. I would have expected him to say that. But he won’t.

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