Congratulations Aaron on your third Birthday

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Dear Aaron
When you smile
A rainbow forms across our heart
When you laugh
Our souls melt like a gooey tart
When you cry
Our stomach twists and turns
When you are glum
Our heart starts to burn
You are that precious
To us, dear son Aaron
Your presence in our life
Can be compared to none

Wishing you a very Happy birthday and Many More Wonderful Years Ahead. May God Bless you.

Wishes from
Sneha & Ramcy (Mom & Dad)
Bro Ian Fernandes
Alice Fernandes (Grandma)
Felix /Roseline Sequeira (Dubai)
Vincy / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa and Arnold  Fernandes (Dubai)
Lancy /Sunita Fernandes and family (Kuwait)
Joseph /Flavy and Ashley (Dubai)
Janet / Roney, Ruth/ Cowan and Orpha (Dubai)
Violet /Joseph Pereira and family (Mangalore)
Maxy /Anita Fernandes and Michel (Mangalore)
Felcy / Rockey Sequeira, Robin, Ronston and Roydon (Mangalore)
Rajesh /Sunita, Tanya, Tanisha  and Selwyn (Mangalore)
Roshan /Divya Aidan and Arica (Dubai)
Kiran Fernandes / Sushma and Nia (Mangalore)

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