Congratulations on your 1st Wedding Anniversary Lovson and Leonie

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Congratulations on your 1st Wedding Anniversary

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You both are as beautiful
As the sunset in the horizon
You are both as glowing
As its tranquil vermilion
You are both as stunning
As the amazing sun
To match your happy marriage
Another couple there is none
May you keep shining bright
May you glow even in the dark
May your marriage always be
Full of that lively spark

The sun seems to be shining brighter, the skies seem a bit bluer and the birds seem a bit chirpier – all because today is the anniversary of a sweet couple unlike any other.

Wishing you both a very Happy 1st wedding anniversary dear Leonie and Lovson. May God bless you both abundantly and keep you happy and Healthy now and always.

Wishes from
Lancy & Nathalia Madtha(Dad & Mom)
Lynn / Richie Castelino & Lillian Madtha UAE

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