Congratulations on your Birthday Ronak

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Congratulations on your Birthday


We don’t want to wish you magic by a fairy or an elf,
To be happy you would just need to be yourself,
Believe in your immense capabilities son,
You’ll find all worries and problems abandon,
‘Cause we know once you decide at something,
It’s just matter of time, until you get it swinging!!
And Your success will always make us beam,
So go ahead son, go and live your dream!!

If all parents, had a son like you
They would be able to feel our emotions too
The feeling of euphoria, the sentiment of joy
To be blessed for having such an awesome boy
We pray to God for this feeling to always stay
We wish for you to have A very happy birthday

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years ahead.  May God Bless you and may all your dreams come true.

Wishes from Mom & Dad
Violet & Joseph Pereira
Bro Astel Pereira

Wishes from
Alice Fernandes (Mai) Kulshekar
Vincent / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa & Arnold (Dubai),
Lancy / Sunitha, Melita & Linora,
Joseph /Flavy & Ashley,
Janet / Roney, Ruth / Cowan & Orpha (Dubai),
Maxim  / Anita & Michelle,
Felcy / Rocky, Robin, Ronston & Roydon,
Rajesh/ Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha & Sylvin (Kuwait)
Ramcy / Latha, Ian & Aaron (Dubai)
Roshan / Divya, Aiden & Arica,
Kiran / Sushma & Adline Nia

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  1. Dear Ronak,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. God bless you. Wishing good luck for your future.

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